Planned Parenthood Tries to Cover Up Botched Abortion By Hiding 911 Call for Ambulance
Baltimore, Maryland | 10/16/19

When a medical emergency arose at a Baltimore Planned Parenthood abortion facility recently, one Planned Parenthood employee did something unusual. 

Abortion Activists Vandalize Pro-Life Display Memorializing 61 Million Aborted Babies
Buckingham, Pennsylvania | 10/15/19

A pro-life display memorializing the unborn victims of abortion was destroyed by vandals Saturday outside a Catholic church in Pennsylvania.

This Democrat State Legislator is a Rarity: She’s Totally Pro-Life
Baton Rouge, Louisiana | 10/15/19

Earlier this year, Sen.-elect. Katrina Jackson spoke at the March for Life. Now the Louisiana politician joins the podcast to share why she is

Catholic University Removes Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz From List of Health Resources
Seattle, WA | 10/15/19

A Catholic university in Seattle stopped recommending the abortion chain Planned Parenthood as a health resource for students this fall.

University Refused to Hire OBGYN Professor Because She’s Pro-Life on Abortion
South Bend, Indiana | 10/15/19

A new lawsuit accuses Indiana University South Bend of rejecting a teaching job applicant because of her pro-life beliefs.

New California Law May Force College Health Clinic Nurses to Participate in Abortions
Sacramento, CA | 10/14/19

A new California law that will force colleges to provide abortions on campus also poses a threat to campus health workers.

Obama, Clinton Judges Allow Killing Babies in Abortions Just Because They Have Down Syndrome
Columbus, Ohio | 10/14/19

Ignoring a brilliant dissent by Circuit Judge Alice Moore Batchelder, a divided three judge panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals voted

Pro-Life Advocates Sue Jackson, Mississippi Over Law Banning Prayer Outside Abortion Clinic
Jackson, MS | 10/14/19

Pro-life advocates are challenging a new Jackson, Mississippi buffer zone ordinance that restricts them from prayer and peaceful sidewalk outreach

Woman Pays $10,000 to Have Her 32-Week-Old Unborn Baby Aborted
Boulder, Colorado | 10/14/19

Three years ago, Erika Christensen flew to Colorado and spent $10,000 to abort her unborn son at 32 weeks of pregnancy.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Signs Bill Mandating Free Abortions at All Colleges and Universities
Sacramento, CA | 10/12/19

California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed into law a radical bill that would force colleges to provide free abortions on campus.

Federal Court Blocks Ohio Law Banning Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome
Columbus, Ohio | 10/11/19

An appeals court panel upheld a ruling Friday blocking Ohio from protecting unborn babies with Down syndrome from discriminatory abortions.

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Grisham Calls Killing Babies in Abortion a “Human Right”
Santa Fe, New Mexico | 10/11/19

As if unaware of the definition of “human,” New Mexico Gov. Michelle Grisham recently defended abortion as a “human right.”

“Christian” Pastors Ignore “Thou Shalt Not Kill” and “Bless” Abortion Clinic in Sacrilegious Ritual
Washington, DC | 10/11/19

A group of pseudo-religious leaders gathered outside an abortion clinic earlier this month to “bless” the facility and the culture of death