Abortions Increasing More in Blue States as Democrats Kill More Babies in Abortion
Washington, DC | 9/22/20

Today Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI), the research arm of the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List), published a new

Twitter Censors Tim Tebow Video About Christian Truth and Love
Washington, DC | 9/22/20

It is fairly common for Twitter to censor or flag conservative content it deems offensive. Now, the platform has decided that a video discussing

Judge Barbara Lagoa: A Pro-Life Christian Who Values “The Dignity of Each Human Being”
Washington, DC | 9/22/20

Federal Judge Barbara Lagoa, one of President Donald Trump's top candidates for the U.S. Supreme Court, is a faithful Catholic who once encouraged

Joe Biden Refuses to Say if He Supports Packing Supreme Court: “Not Going To Answer”
Washington, DC | 9/22/20

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden declined to say in an interview Monday whether he would support adding seats to the Supreme Court,

Patricia Heaton: Liberals Show “Breathtaking Ignorance” When They Trash Christians for Their Faith
Washington, DC | 9/22/20

Actress Patricia Heaton urged Christians to get ready for “breathtaking ignorance of religion” amid massive contention over the presidential

CBS: Be Terrified of Amy Barrett Because She’s a “Mother of Seven and Anti-Abortion”
Washington, DC | 9/22/20

The theme of Monday’s CBS Evening News was ‘be afraid, be afraid of conservatives on the Supreme Court.’ And they weren’t subtle about

New York Times Trashes Amy Barrett’s Christian Faith: She “Inspired Handmaid’s Tale”
Washington, DC | 9/22/20

Prominent news outlets are bashing Judge Amy Coney Barrett for her faith and conservative political views as President Donald Trump considers

Lindsey Graham: Republicans Have Votes to Confirm Supreme Court Nominee Before Election
| 9/22/20

Senator Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, says Republicans have the votes to confirm President Donald trump's Supreme

Kim Kardashian Plans to Divorce Kanye West Because He’s Pro-Life
Washington, DC | 9/21/20

Reports about divorce plans are surfacing between celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West after West began speaking out publicly against

Kamala Harris Prosecuted Pro-Lifers Who Exposed Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Parts
Washington, DC | 9/21/20

The fact checkers at Snopes are at it again, misleading their readers about abortion and the pro-life advocates who defend unborn babies.

President Trump’s Supporters More Enthusiastic Than Joe Biden’s About Voting for Him
Washington, DC | 9/21/20

A great deal has changed since Friday with the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We look at that separately at “President

Liberal Media Slams Amy Barrett Because She’s a “Devout” Christian Who’s “Anti-Abortion”
Washington, DC | 9/21/20

On Monday, all three network morning shows began hurling ideological labels and anti-Christian bigotry at one of President Trump’s possible

Ben Sasse Slams Disgusting Attacks on Amy Barrett’s Faith: It’s “Anti-Catholic Bigotry”
Washington, DC | 9/21/20

Republican Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse condemned “anti-Catholic bigotry” against Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a potential Supreme Court nominee,