Abortion Activists Slam Pope Francis For Calling Abortion Like “Hiring a Hitman”
The Vatican | 10/12/18

Pope Francis is facing criticism from abortion activists across Europe this week after he likened abortion to “hiring a hitman” to kill unborn

Court Sides With Doctor Fired for Refusing to Do Abortions
Oslo, Norway | 10/11/18

On 11 October 2018, the Supreme Court of Norway set a new precedent on conscientious objection and freedom of conscience in the medical profession.

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Was Unwaveringly Pro-Life, Took on Abortion at the United Nations
Washington, DC | 10/10/18

I have felt the privilege, the honor and the heartbreak of being a representative for the cause of life on behalf of National Right to Life at

British MP Pushes Bill to Impose Legalized Abortion on Northern Ireland by Overruling Devolution
London, England | 10/10/18

Diana Johnson, the Labour MP for Hull North, has released the text of her upcoming abortion decriminalisation ten minute rule bill.

WATCH: Another Abortion Activist Assaults a Pro-Life Woman, Hitting Her With a Metal Clamp
Toronto, Canada | 10/10/18

Another pro-life advocate said she was assaulted Oct. 1 during a pro-life rally near Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada – the second attack

Abortion Activist Jordan Hunt Released on $500 Bail After Assaulting Pro-Life Woman
Toronto, Canada | 10/10/18

Canadian abortion activist Jordan Hunt, who was caught on video brutally assaulting a pro-life woman with a roundhouse kick, has been released

Pope Francis Condemns Abortion: It’s Like Hiring a “Contract Killer”
The Vatican | 10/10/18

Pope Francis likened an abortion to hiring a “contract killer” or “hitman” to destroy another human being's life Wednesday in impromptu

Because She Had Two Children China Made Her Abort Her 5-Month-Old Unborn Baby
Beijing, China | 10/9/18

Reports of forced abortions continue under communist China's two-child policy.

Pro-Life UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Steps Down, Oversaw US Leaving Pro-Abortion UN Group
Washington, DC | 10/9/18

UN Ambassador Ambassador Nikki Haley announced today she is stepping down from her position representing the United States before the Unite Nations.

World Medical Association Rejects Supporting Euthanasia Despite Pressure From Canada, Netherlands
Washington, DC | 10/8/18

The pro-euthanasia Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and the Dutch Medical Association (KNMG) have failed in their bid to change the position

Man Tries to Get Away With Killing His Wife By Calling It “Mercy Killing.” Judge Calls It Murder
Sydney, Australia | 10/8/18

An Australian man who pled guilty to murder in the death of his wife, claiming that the act was part of a suicide pact that he had with his wife.

Verona: Italian City of Love Declares Itself Pro-Life on Abortion
Verona, Italy | 10/8/18

Verona has long been immortalised as the city of love. Now, it could be known as the city of life, after councillors passed a motion declaring

Report Shows Contraception Failure: 41% Used Contraception Before Abortion
Washington, DC | 10/8/18

Recent research has revealed that contraception is not as effective as people may believe.