Liberal Democrats Kick Longtime Lawmaker Out of Party Because He’s Pro-Life
London, England | 11/14/19

A parliamentary candidate has been deselected from standing for the Liberal democrat party after a backlash about his pro-life views.

Trump Admin Tells UN: US Will Not Support Abortion, Unborn Babies Have “Inherent Value”
Washington, DC | 11/14/19

The Trump administration reaffirmed its commitment to protecting the rights of women in and outside of the womb this week at an international

Attacker Kills Pregnant Woman’s Unborn Baby Girl, But He Won’t be Charged With Murder
London, England | 11/14/19

Luke Bryan told the Scottish Sun newspaper that his daughter, Abbie Nesbit, was “ecstatic” at having her first child. But the child she had

Attacker Who Killed 13-Week Unborn Baby Faces No Charges, UK Law Says Baby Not a Human Being
Washington, DC | 11/13/19

A British woman whose unborn baby died after a brutal attack is urging her country to provide justice to unborn babies who are victims of crimes.

UN Summit on Population and Development Shuts Out Every Single Pro-Life Group
Nairobi, Kenya | 11/13/19

Abortion advocates have long found a ready home for pushing their agenda at the United Nations—and the Nov. 12-14 Nairobi Summit on International

Abortion Extremists Hijack UN, Want to Make Killing Babies a Human Right
Washington, DC | 11/12/19

The governments of Kenya and Denmark and the United Nations Population Fund are attempting to hijack the U.N.’s global population and development

Twins Born at 23 Weeks Were Given Just 1% Chance to Survive, But They Defied the Odds
London, England | 11/12/19

Twins Joe and Ashley Keates entered the world on April 16 weighing less than 1 pound each and fitting in their mother's hand.

Canadian Doctors Euthanized Three Patients Last Year Just Because They had Hip Fractures
Ottawa, Canada | 11/11/19

Three people were euthanized in Quebec between April 2018 and March 2019 for a hip fracture. This is just one of the warnings about where legalization

1,500 Doctors Tell New Zealand Parliament Don’t Legalize Assisted Suicide
Wellington, New Zealand | 11/11/19

The New Zealand parliament is soon voting on the euthanasia bill and the country may have a referendum on euthanasia.

United Nations Summit Will Push Abortion on African Countries That Don’t Want It
Washington, DC | 11/9/19

Catholic leaders in Africa are speaking out against a planned United Nations summit in Kenya that is putting pressure on African nations to support

Woman Charged With Murdering Millionaire Boyfriend, Euthanized Him After Putting Her in His Will
Sydney, Australia | 11/8/19

Natasha Beth Darcy has been charged with killing her boyfriend, Matthew Dunbar (42) in August 2017, soon after he named her the sole beneficiary

Doctors Told her to Have Abortion Because Her Baby Was Disabled. She Refused
London, England | 11/7/19

When did abortion become the default option for an unborn baby who has been diagnosed with a disability?

New Campaign Wants Women to Celebrate Their Abortions, “I’m Not Ashamed” of Killing My Baby
Washington, DC | 11/6/19

Marie Stopes International, a British-based abortion chain accused of giving its employees incentives to sell more abortions, launched a campaign