25-Year Study Showed Abortion Hurts Women, But Feminists Tried to Suppress It
Washington, DC | 1/14/21

Pro-life doctor Marissa Ogle, M.D., wrote about an abortion study by Dr. David Ferguson that pro-abortion people tried to repress. (Marissa Ogle,

President Trump Blocks Products From Xinjiang, China, Where Uighurs Forced to Have Abortions
Washington, DC | 1/13/21

President Donald Trump is taking action against communist China, which is persecuting minorities.

Catholic Bishops Slam Bill to Legalize Abortions in Dominican Republic: “Life is the First Right”
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | 1/12/21

Catholic bishops in the Dominican Republic urged lawmakers Sunday to uphold the country's constitutional right to life and reject a proposal

China’s Tweet Celebrating Forced Abortions is Deleted After Massive Criticism
Washington, DC | 1/11/21

The Chinese Government has denied that ethnic Muslim minorities in Xinjiang are being coercively sterilized following a since-removed tweet by

Court Allows Woman to Kill Her 28-Week-Old Baby in Abortion Just Because the Baby’s Disabled
New Delhi, India | 1/11/21

A woman who is 28-weeks pregnant may have an abortion because her unborn baby is “incompatible with life,” a court in India ruled Monday.

More Than 1 Million Babies Have Already Been Killed in Abortions Worldwide This Year
Washington, DC | 1/11/21

Barely two weeks into the new year, more than 1.2 million unborn babies already have been aborted across the globe, according to the live world

Twitter Refuses to Remove China’s Tweet Celebrating Forced Abortions: “Not a Violation of Our Policies”
Washington, DC | 1/8/21

Social media giant Twitter frequently censors pro-life conservatives but is refusing to remove a tweet from communist China celebrating forcing

Paraguay Parliament Holds Minute of Silence for Babies Killed in Abortions
Ascuncion, Paraguay | 1/8/21

Paraguay’s parliament has held a minute’s silence in response to the “tragedy” of an extreme abortion law being introduced to Argentina.

Israel’s Abortion Rate Continues 32-Year Decline as More Babies Saved From Abortion
Jerusalem, Israel | 1/8/21

Israel’s abortion rate has continued a 32-year decline as the number of women seeking an abortion fell from 18.6 per 1,000 in 1988 to 8.4 per

Abortion Killed 73 Million People Last year, Accounting for 57% of All Deaths
London, England | 1/7/21

Abortion was the largest cause of death worldwide in 2020, ending the lives of an estimated 73.3 million unborn babies.

China Celebrates Forcing Women to Have Abortions: “They are No Longer-Baby-Making Machines”
Washington, DC | 1/7/21

The Chinese Communist government celebrated a decline in births Thursday in a region where it has been accused of persecuting minorities by forcing

Woman Wants to End Her 28-Week-Old Baby’s Life in Abortion Because the Baby is Disabled
New Delhi, India | 1/7/21

At 28 weeks of pregnancy, unborn babies are viable outside the womb and capable of feeling intense pain. Studies have found that unborn babies

Catholic Priest: Joe Biden Should Not Receive Communion Because He’s Pro-Abortion, It’s “Sacrilegious”
Washington, DC | 1/7/21

A Northern Ireland Catholic priest said it is “sacrilegious and an abuse of the Sacrament” when pro-abortion politicians like Joe Biden receive