Iceland Holds Funeral to Mourn Melting Glacier, Kills 100% of Its Babies With Down Syndrome
Washington, DC | 8/20/19

The priorities of Iceland's political leaders are all messed up.

Thousands of Australians Protest New South Wales Bill to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth
New South Wales, Australia | 8/20/19

Australian lawmakers delayed a vote on a radical pro-abortion bill Tuesday after pro-life advocates led a massive protest in downtown Sydney.

Twins Born at 22 Weeks, One Week Before Legal Abortion Limit, Celebrate Their First Birthday
London, England | 8/20/19

Ruben and Jenson Powell are “thriving” one year after their severely premature birth.

Government Refused to Pay for Medical Care of Father With ALS, He Was Euthanized Instead
Ottawa, Canada | 8/19/19

A Canadian man disabled by ALS didn’t want to die now. He wanted to be cared for at home so he could be with his son.

Head of Abortion Biz Made $525,000. Got “Performance Bonus” Because It Killed Nearly 5 Million Babies
London, England | 8/16/19

The Chief Executive of Marie Stopes International, Simon Cooke, was paid an obscene £434,000 in 2018, according to reports released by Companies

Catholic Bishops Condemn Abortion in Cases of Rape: Killing a Baby is Wrong No Matter How Conceived
Mexico City, Mexico | 8/16/19

Every baby's life is valuable, no matter how he or she is conceived, Catholic leaders emphasized this week in reaction to a Mexican Supreme Court

Pro-Abortion Cyclist Charged After Spitting Directly in Pro-Life Protester’s Face
New South Wales, Australia | 8/16/19

Police charged a third person this week in a series of alleged attacks and threats against pro-life advocates in New South Wales, Australia.

Man Tries to Force Girlfriend to Abort Their Disabled Baby: “It Would be Cruel to Have a Baby Like That”
London, England | 8/15/19

A woman’s heart-breaking account has stressed the need for more action to be taken against the growing issue of coerced abortion.

Abortion Activists Threaten Pro-Life Legislators: “I’ll Slit Your Throat” if You Vote Against Abortion
New South Wales, Australia | 8/15/19

Australian police charged two men this week with making violent threats against New South Wales lawmakers who oppose a radical pro-abortion bill.

Euthanasia Activist Creates Video “Service” Allowing Him to Watch People Kill Themselves
Sydney, Australia | 8/14/19

Dr Phillip Nitschke, inventor of the suicide pod, which gasses patients to death, has created a video service so he can watch people kill themselves

Pro-Life Lawmakers Face Death Threats After Voting Against Bill for Abortions Up to Birth
New South Wales, Australia | 8/14/19

Two Australian government leaders received death threats this week after opposing a bill allowing unborn babies to be aborted for basically any

Man Divorces His Wife Because She Refused to Kill Their Baby in an Abortion
New Delhi, India | 8/12/19

Abortion often is framed as a women's rights issue, a matter of equality and freedom. But stories like a recent report from India indicate that

Abortion Activists Smash Christian Man’s Window After He Posts “Pray to End Abortion” Sign
London, England | 8/12/19

A British man had a window in his home smashed this summer shortly after he set up a “Pray to End Abortion” sign.