Netherlands Accused of Refusing to Treat Elderly Coronavirus Patients
Amsterdam, Netherlands | 3/30/20

An article by Salvador Aragonés published by claims that the Netherlands is rationing healthcare by denying treatment to patients

Canada Has Banned Every Other Elective Surgery, But People Can Still Kill Babies in Abortions
Ottawa, Canada | 3/27/20

Non-essential medical care, with the exception of abortions, is being postponed across Canada as hospitals deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus Crisis Stops Argentina President’s Bill to Legalize Killing Babies in Abortions
Buenos Aires, Argentina | 3/26/20

At least for now, unborn babies remain protected from abortion in Argentina.

Pope Francis Condemns Abortion: “Every Human Life Has Value”
The Vatican | 3/25/20

Pope Francis encouraged society to value every human life during his daily message Wednesday from his papal library.

48 Pro-Life Organizations in Latin America Thank President Trump for Standing Against Abortion
Washington, DC | 3/25/20

Forty-eight pro-life organizations from across Latin America and Spain including PRI Latin America, have signed a letter thanking U.S. President

Doctor Sentenced to 14 Months in Prison for Refusing to Kill Baby in an Abortion
Buenos Aires, Argentina | 3/24/20

A gynecologist in Argentina was sentenced to 14 months in prison this month for refusing to kill an unborn baby in an abortion.

British Govt Reverses Decision Allowing Women to Kill Babies in At-Home Abortions During Coronavirus Crisis
London, England | 3/24/20

SPUC has warmly welcomed the news that a massive extension of abortion provision in Britain, announced yesterday by the Government, is not now

British Government Lets Women Kill Their Babies in At-Home Abortions Because of Coronavirus
London, England | 3/23/20

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) has reacted angrily to the news that the Department of Health has authorised home use

President Trump’s Decision to Defund International Planned Parenthood Cost It $79 Million
Washington, DC | 3/23/20

Under the Obama administration, America sent hundreds of millions tax dollars to the abortion industry across the world.

Abortion Activists Exploit Coronavirus to Push Sales of Dangerous Abortion Pills Online
Washington, DC | 3/20/20

If you thought the Corona virus pandemic offered us all the opportunity to consider the sanctity of all human life, you’d expect to find yourself

Man Tries to Abort His Girlfriend’s Baby at Home After Watching Abortion Videos on YouTube
New Delhi, India | 3/20/20

Authorities arrested a man Thursday in India for killing an unborn baby and seriously injuring his pregnant girlfriend in a botched abortion

Politician: Not Being Able to Kill Babies in Abortion Because of Coronavirus is a “Lost Opportunity”
Belfast, Northern Ireland | 3/19/20

A Labour MP is attempting to exploit the Coronavirus crisis in a bid to further the pro-abortion agenda in Northern Ireland. Labour MP Diana

Euthanasia Clinic That Killed 898 Patients Last Year Shuts Down Amid Coronaviris Crisis
Amsterdam, Netherlands | 3/19/20

The Netherlands euthanasia clinic has temporarily shut-down amid the Coronavirus crisis. This is the euthanasia clinic that reported euthanasia