Catholic Church Slams Judge for Ruling Doctors Can Force Mentally Disabled Woman to Have Abortion
London, England | 6/24/19

Top Catholic Church officials are condemning a British judge for ruling that doctors can force a mentally disabled woman to have an abortion.

Cleaning Crew Discovers Dead Unborn Baby Shoved In The Plane’s Toilet
South Africa | 6/21/19

A cleaning crew in South Africa discovered the abandoned body of a fetus Friday clogging the toilet of a plane.

Judge Rules Doctors Can Force Mentally Disabled Woman to Have Abortion: “It’s In Her Best Interests”
London, England | 6/21/19

In a horrific abuse of power by the medical profession, an NHS trust is asking a judge to allow them to perform an abortion on a mentally-ill

Government is Profiting From Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome: “This is Eugenics”
London, England | 6/20/19

Actress Sally Phillips has called out the eugenic mindset prevalent within the NHS during an emotional presentation to prominent obstetricians.

China is Harvesting Organs of Political Prisoners, Sometimes While They’re Still Alive
Beijing, China | 6/20/19

China has long been credibly accused of allowing a black market in organ sales, the kidneys, livers, etc. coming from murdered political prisoners

Euthanasia Activist Who Killed His Own Mother Convicted of Euthanizing Three Other People
South Africa | 6/20/19

Sean Davison is a euthanasia activist who was previously convicted in the death of his mother in New Zealand in 2010.

Two-Child Forced Abortion Policy Cripples China’s Workforce, Will Have 400 Million Fewer People By 2100
Washington, DC | 6/18/19

China may lose nearly 400 million people by the end of the century, according to a Pew Research Center report based on United Nations population

Newborn Baby Was Abandoned in a Garbage Dump, Family Adopts Her After She’s Saved From Death
New Delhi, India | 6/18/19

A video of a newborn girl abandoned in a garbage dump in India went viral last week on Twitter, and a couple says they used the platform to find

Abortion Activist Jordan Hunt Sentenced to 8 Months Probation After Roundhouse Kicking Pro-Life Woman
Toronto, Canada | 6/17/19

Canadian abortion activist Jordan Hunt, who was caught on video brutally assaulting a pro-life woman with a roundhouse kick, has been sentenced

Doctors Told Mom to Have Abortion Because Her Baby Was Disabled. They Were Stunned When He Was Born Healthy
Glasgow, Scotland | 6/17/19

A Scottish mother who ignored medical pressure to abort her unborn baby has given birth to a healthy boy. Lauren Webster, 21 from Cumbernauld,

UK Kills 218,581 Babies in Abortions in 2018 as England Sets Abortion Record
London, England | 6/13/19

The 2018 Abortion Statistics, published today by the Department of Health and Social Care, show that 205,295 unborn babies were killed by abortion

Kenya Court Rules Abortion is Illegal, Protecting Babies From Abortions
Nairobi, Kenya | 6/12/19

The High Court of Kenya ruled Wednesday that abortions will remain illegal and unborn babies protected in the country.

Doctors Got Couple to Abort “Disabled” Baby But Never Examined the Mother, Test Showed Baby Was Healthy
Dublin, Ireland | 6/12/19

More details came out this week about an Irish couple who aborted their healthy unborn baby after being told the baby tested positive for a potentially