Woman Describes Horrific Botched Abortion: “Pieces of My Child Had Been Left Inside Me”
London, England | 4/19/21

Women have spoken out describing the complications they had to endure following an abortion procedure in a documentary film, Life After Abortion.

Colombia Legislature Defeats Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide Again
Bogota, Colombia | 4/19/21

The Colombian legislature has once again failed to pass a law legalism euthanasia. Earlier this week a bill proposed by representative Juan Fernando

Top Pro-Abortion Feminist Dies During Botched Abortion Procedure
Buenos Aires, Argentina | 4/19/21

A young activist who lobbied Argentina to legalize abortion is believed to be the first woman to die from a supposedly “safe, legal” abortion

Henry Was Born With No Legs, But Mom Says Rejecting Abortion Was Best Decision of Her Life
London, England | 4/19/21

Rosie Higgs had “no doubt” in her mind what she would do when doctors told her that her unborn son may be born without limbs.

Premature Baby Born at 22 Weeks and Weighing Just 14 Ounces Defies Doctors’ Expectations
London, England | 4/16/21

A tiny premature baby who was born weighing less than a loaf of bread has beaten the odds and is now thriving.

College Student Dies After Taking the Abortion Pill, Where Are the Feminists?
Buenos Aires, Argentina | 4/14/21

Last December NRL News Today reported that Argentina had passed a law legalizing elective abortion, fulfilling a campaign promise made by the

Abortion Pill Kills 23-Year-Old Woman After Joe Biden Scraps Laws Protecting Women
Washington, DC | 4/14/21

Less than four months after Argentina legalized abortion and just one day after Joe Biden announced he was scrapping rules protecting women from

Canada Should Ban Sex-Selection Abortions to Protect Girls From Discrimination
Ottawa, Canada | 4/13/21

On April 12, We Need a Law was honoured to join Member of Parliament (MP) Cathay Wagantall at her press conference to introduce Bill C-233, the

French Parliament Defeats Radical Bill to legalize Euthanasia
Paris, France | 4/12/21

A bill to legalize euthanasia in France last week failed to pass after stiff opposition in the French Parliament.

Woman Found Dead in Her Apartment After She Took Abortion Pills
Lagos, Nigeria | 4/12/21

A 38-year-old pregnant woman was found dead in her home Sunday in Nigeria, likely from abortion drugs that she took to abort her unborn baby.

Mexico Catholic Church Condemns Abortion: “Stand for the Defense of the Life of Every Human Being”
Mexico City, Mexico | 4/12/21

Catholic Church leaders in Mexico urged voters to “stand for the defense” of unborn babies as they prepare to vote in the national election

Premature Twins Given 50% Chance of Surviving are Now Healthy and Happy
London, England | 4/9/21

Premature twins Billie and Bonnie, from Scotland, were born four months premature and were given only a 50/50 chance of survival. Nineteen months

Joe Biden Won’t Boycott 2022 Olympics Despite China’s Genocide, Forced Abortions
Washington, DC | 4/7/21

The State Department backed off reports that it was considering a joint boycott of the 2022 Olympic Games, which are set to take place in Beijing,