Nursing Student Banned From Hospital Position Just Because She’s Pro-Life
London, England | 1/17/20

Across the world, pro-life medical workers are facing discrimination simply for believing that unborn babies are patients who deserve care, too.

Researchers Pay Women to Get Pregnant and Kill Their Babies in Abortions
Mexico City, Mexico | 1/17/20

Research for a New Jersey company that paid Mexican women to become pregnant and, in some cases, abort their unborn babies is being condemned

Labour MP Opposes Killing Disabled Babies in Abortions Up to Birth, Abortion Activists Come Unhinged
London, England | 1/17/20

A Labour leadership contender has come under fire after she revealed that she disagreed with killing disabled children in late-term abortions.

Trump Admin Confirms: “There is No International Human Right to Abortion”
Washington, DC | 1/17/20

The Trump administration has repeatedly stood against pro-abortion nations at the United Nations and their attempt to turn killing babies into

Pope Francis Condemns Abortion: The Right to Life is “The Most Fundamental Right”
Washington, DC | 1/16/20

Pope Francis condemned abortion as a violation of the “most fundamental right” during a recent meeting with American bishops.

Man Admits: “I Pressured My Girlfriend Into Having an Abortion She Didn’t Want”
London, England | 1/16/20

A letter penned to Agony Aunt, Dear Deirdre, has highlighted the growing problem of coerced abortion in the United Kingdom. The anonymous letter

Doctors Euthanized 38 Year-Old Woman Dealing With Depression Instead of Treating Her
Brussels, Belgium | 1/14/20

Belgian doctors will go on trial today for euthanising a woman who was suffering after a difficult relationship breakup.

Pastor Raped Multiple Women and Children From His Congregation, Forced Them to Have Abortions
Birmingham, England | 1/14/20

A pastor in England was convicted last week of raping several young members of his congregation and then forcing them to abort their unborn babies

Majority of Conservative Party Members in Canada are Pro-Life, Party Leaders Should Act Like It
Ottawa, Canada | 1/13/20

Canadians are watching with a keen eye as candidates for leader of the Conservative Party declare their intentions. This includes pro-life Canadians

11-Time Paralympic Gold Medalist Says She Was Pressured to Have Abortion Because She’s Disabled
London, England | 1/10/20

Thanks go out to the Christian Institute and the Daily Mail for powerful stories about a British paralympic legend who stared down all those

More People are Killing Themselves in Assisted Suicides Because They’re Lonely
Brussels, Belgium | 1/10/20

Brecht Paumen, who was paralyzed for 12 years after a swimming pool accident, died by euthanasia in Belgium last Friday.

More Colleges Have Student Pro-Life Groups and Abortion Activists are Coming Unhinged
London, England | 1/10/20

Pro-abortion campaigners appear alarmed at the recent rise of pro-life university groups across the United Kingdom.

Pro-Life MPs Demand Parliament Reverse Law Forcing Abortion on Northern Ireland
London, England | 1/9/20

Pro-life politicians from across the United Kingdom have rallied in defence of unborn children and to reverse Westminster’s extreme Northern