Abortion Activist Claims Pro-Life People Oppose Killing Babies Because They’re Woman-Hating Sexists
Washington, DC | 8/22/19

Abortion activist Jill Filipovic's argument is nothing new.

God Cares About Unborn Babies and Hates Abortion, Because He “Knit Us Together in Our Mother’s Womb”
Washington, DC | 8/20/19

Imagine being in an indescribably beautiful place, like nothing you’ve ever seen on this earth. Your senses are fully alive, your body vibrant

Hundreds of Babies are Born Alive After Failed Abortions and Left to Die
Washington, DC | 8/20/19

In an age where medical progress has enabled premature babies as tiny as 21 weeks and four days gestation to survive -- and thrive -- outside

Five Reasons Planned Parenthood is Fake Feminism
Washington, DC | 8/20/19

Ok. I realize that listing only five points eliminates thousands of other really good reasons, they serve as powerful reminders. Planned Parenthood,

Alyssa Milano: My Life Would “Lack Great Joys” if I Didn’t Abort Two of My Babies
Washington, DC | 8/20/19

As the abortion fight intensifies, with Planned Parenthood withdrawing from Title X government funding, and multiple abortion restrictions going

Millions of Students Won’t be Going Back to School Because of Violence, They Were Killed in Abortions
Washington, DC | 8/19/19

As children around the U.S. head back to school, I think about the children who are missing because of legal abortion.

Pro-Abortion Poll Finds Americans Oppose Paying for Abortions With Their Tax Dollars
Washington, DC | 8/19/19

The Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) has released an interesting poll this week regarding public attitudes toward legal abortion. Most

Sidewalk Counseling: A Life-Saving Ministry of the Pro-Life Movement
Washington, DC | 8/16/19

Sidewalk counseling is a life-saving ministry of the pro-life movement, but not all pro-life advocates feel ready or called to sidewalk counsel.

His Devotion to Abortion and Incessant Gaffes Make Joe Biden Totally Unelectable
Washington, DC | 8/16/19

Hard as it is to believe, there are twelve (12) Democratic primary debates scheduled for the 2020 presidential election. The next one is scheduled

Elizabeth Warren Claims “We are Called to See the Value of Every Human Being.” But She Supports Abortion
Washington, DC | 8/16/19

Things are not always what they seem to be–especially on the campaign trail.

Democrats are So Extreme on Abortion They Support Aborting Babies After Birth
Washington, DC | 8/16/19

We live in strange times when saving the life of a newborn baby is considered controversial. A commonsense, compassionate and overwhelmingly

Kamala Harris Complains About People Killed By Guns, Celebrates 61 Million People Killed by Abortion
Washington, DC | 8/15/19

Kamala Harris weighs in on guns on her campaign website with the headline “Taking executive action if Republicans continue to cower to the

Pro-Life People Must Unite to Save as Many Babies as Possible and End Abortion
Washington, DC | 8/14/19

I have never met anyone who fights for the end of the practice of child killing we call abortion ever say they want to simply regulate it so