Ben Sasse Slams Democrats on Infanticide: “A Baby Gasping on an Abortion Clinic Table Shouldn’t be Left to Die”
Washington, DC | 2/12/19

Infanticide shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Every single public servant should be able to say it’s wrong to leave newborn babies to die. Sadly,

“Safe, Legal and Rare” is Over, Democrats Now Support Abortions Up to Birth and Infanticide
Washington, DC | 2/8/19

In America, we are entering a new chapter in the effort to protect life. Many of the old euphemisms obscuring the truth about abortion are fading

Andrew Cuomo: Don’t Criticize Me for Abortions Up to Birth Because “I Was an Altar Boy”
Washington, DC | 2/7/19

No public official in America is more pro-abortion than New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. He proved that again today when he penned a rousing op-ed

Planned Parenthood’s Plan for Abortions Up to Birth in Every State is Called “Care for All”
Washington, DC | 2/7/19

This month Americans have become aware, if they weren’t already, of just how radical the pro-abortion movement has become. It started in Albany,

Not One Single Senate Democrat Will Say They Oppose Infanticide
Washington, DC | 2/5/19

Years from now, when history looks back on the Democratic Party, one date will almost certainly stand out: July 25, 2016. That was the Tuesday,

Incredible Video Shows Unborn Babies Jumping Around, Waving, Yawning and Sucking Their Thumb
Washington, DC | 2/4/19

Late Tuesday night, a friend sent me a Facebook message. Too tired to read it, I waited until the following morning to view it. I was astounded.

LISTEN: Undercover Call Catches Abortion Clinic Offering to Kill Baby at 32 Weeks
Washington, DC | 2/4/19

As the renewed debate over late-term abortion continues to rage across the country, the other side apparently has not renewed its talking points.

Democrats Say Not Enough African-American Babies are Killed in Abortions
Washington, DC | 2/1/19

Many Americans heard the cheers of pro-abortion New York Democrats after they passed the extreme abortion bill, the Reproductive Health Act.

If We Call Unborn Babies “Undocumented Infants” Will Liberals Stop Killing Them?
Washington, DC | 1/31/19

Conservative writer Matt Walsh has a way with words. And during the last 24 hours he has taken Twitter by storm with a campaign to call unborn

Democrats are Now The Party of Infanticide and Abortions Until Birth
Washington, DC | 1/30/19

The reaction has largely been shock, mixed with sadness. A majority of people on both sides of the abortion issue are reeling from the news out

Democrats Push Abortions Up to Birth Across America, But Only 13% of Americans Agree
Washington, DC | 1/30/19

A standing ovation for abortion? That’s what New York’s Reproductive Health Act got in the Senate chamber when it passed last week. Lawmakers

New York’s New Abortion Law Really Does Allow Abortions Up to Birth, Here’s How
Washington, DC | 1/29/19

For 40 years, America has had one of the most extreme abortion laws on the planet. Babies in the womb — boys and girls, unwanted by their

Cecile Richards Quit Planned Parenthood One Year Ago, Successor Leana Wen Loves Abortion Just as Much
Washington, DC | 1/29/19

Although they were no doubt unhappy at losing a political operative as skilled such as Cecile Richards, the Abortion Establishment was overwhelmingly