Doctors Want Permission to Euthanize Patients to Harvest Their Organs
Washington, DC | 5/24/19

Several weeks ago I wrote about Dr Wes Ely's experiences while attending conferences on organ donation. Ely explains that the topic of euthanasia

More States Need to Ban Research With Aborted Baby Parts and Fund Ethical Alternatives
Washington, DC | 4/22/19

Indiana lawmakers banned the use of aborted fetal tissue in research in 2016. But soon after, the law was blocked by a federal court after Indiana

Fertility Doctor Used His Own Sperm to Get Patients Pregnant. Fathered 49 Children, Maybe More
Washington, DC | 4/15/19

Exactly how many children a Dutch fertility doctor allegedly fathered by using his sperm without his patients' knowledge may never be known.

Pro-Lifers Were Belittled for Opposing Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Now Adult Stem Cells the ‘Gold Standard’
Washington, DC | 3/20/19

During the Great Embryonic Stem Cell Debate, circa 2001-2008, I watched “the scientists” blatantly lie about the supposedly low potential

Scientists Call for Ban on Genetic Engineering of Unborn Babies and “Designer Babies”
Washington, DC | 3/14/19

A group of international scientists is calling for a global moratorium on the genetic engineering of human beings as fears about parents creating

Writer: Human Beings Aren’t Special Because We Were Not Created in God’s Image, We Just Evolved
Washington, DC | 3/11/19

Sometimes you have to laugh. In “Transhumanism and the Death of Human Exceptionalism,” published in Aero, Peter Clarke quotes criticism

HIV Patient Cured of AIDS Thanks to Adult Stem Cells
Washington, DC | 3/6/19

Understandably, all the attention in response to an article posted Monday in the journal “Nature” was captured in the headline in many ensuing

Scientists are Conducting Experiments Into Male Uterus Transplants
Washington, DC | 2/28/19

Years ago the crassly utilitarian Fletcher — who has been called the “patriarch of bioethics” –swooned at the prospect of males giving

Chinese Scientist Makes Second Gene-Edited Unborn Baby, Now 12-14 Weeks in Utero
Beijing, China | 1/25/19

A Chinese woman is 12 to 14 weeks pregnant with the world’s second genetically-modified baby, soon after another woman gave birth to the first

The Threat That Surrogate Parents May Pose to Children’s Well-Being
Washington, DC | 12/18/18

Children’s needs should come before adult desires in marriage and other domestic partnerships, advocates of children’s rights argue.

Just Because We Can Create Genetically Modified Babies Doesn’t Mean We Should
Washington, DC | 12/17/18

Two remarkable things took place last month in the world of biotechnology: A Chinese doctor claimed to have created two genetically modified

Liberal Biology Professors Refuse to Say When Life Begins, But Science Confirms It’s Conception
Washington, DC | 12/10/18

Academia swings hard left on the political spectrum, so it should come as no surprise that many biology professors are reluctant to admit that

Unborn Babies are Killed When Scientists Edit Their Genes for Research
Beijing, China | 11/30/18

The Chinese government has stepped in to halt the work of a rogue scientist who claims to have created the world's first gene edited babies.