Ryan Bomberger

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Dads Matter: Abortion and Poverty Are Taking the Place of Fathers
Washington, DC | 6/19/15

Imagine a world without dads.

NAACP Defends Rachel Dolezal But Sues Black Pro-Lifer Exposing Its Pro-Abortion Views
Washington, DC | 6/16/15

Fresh off a stinging courtroom defeat, the national NAACP leadership reveals how little it considers its legacy. They sued an actual black (biracial) man for “harming” its reputation for accurately calling them out on their radical support for abortion.

Why are Gay Rights Groups Fighting for “Equality” for Everyone Except Unborn Children?
Washington, DC | 6/4/15

Unlimited access to the internet and 24-hour news cycles would give one the impression that extensive information is being conveyed to the public regarding the crucial issues of our day. But in large part, the same old uninformative stuff gets regurgitated over and over again. The gatekeepers, intent on presenting a one-sided portrayal of one of the most coordinated and funded social movements of our day, are fine with misrepresenting the news.

“National Association for the Abortion of Colored People” Forgets Free Speech Is a Civil Right
Washington, DC | 5/28/15

There's nothing quite like learning about the fate of your hard-fought advocacy work through a tweet. I was spending time with my wife and children, doing our devotions, enjoying a nice big breakfast, and not worrying about the world around us for those precious morning hours last week. As the kids scurried out the door for their homeschoolers' dance class, I started flipping through all of the notifications on my phone.

Why is Christianity Today Defending Racist Birth Control Activist Margaret Sanger?
Washington, DC | 3/13/15

Christianity Today, founded by none other than Billy Graham, is not only the name of a popular magazine/online news source for evangelicals, it’s a phrase that makes one wonder: “What is Christianity today?” I would suggest, in too many ways, it’s largely disconnected from the Christ who inspired it.

Liberals Bash Anna Dugger for Noting How Abortion Has Killed 16 Million Black Babies
Washington, DC | 2/9/15

Anna Duggar has done it now. Online “entertainment” news sites are up in arms that a woman would actually express her…gasp…opinion via Twitter!

Letter to Cecile Richards: Honor Martin Luther King Jr., Stop Targeting Black Babies in Abortions
Washington, DC | 1/19/15

Dear Cecile Richards,

Worship Event Will Bring Together Pro-Life Catholics, Evangelicals at March for Life
Washington, DC | 12/4/14

The world’s largest pro-life event, the annual March for Life in DC, brings together hundreds of thousands of passionate advocates for life. onevoiceWith over 500,000 in attendance, the majority of people are there due to the passionate and persistent work of the Catholic Church.

Abortion is Racist, For Every 1,000 Black Babies Born in New York City, 1,223 are Aborted
New York, NY | 11/14/14

Time magazine shows that some things never change with time. The liberal publication’s relentless defense of abortion, no matter the lie, remains unchanged. Writer Katha Pollitt, author of “Reclaiming Abortion Rights”, is on a mission to destigmatize abortion. She wants to recast the act of killing human life via abortion as a “moral right” and “social good.”

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