Ryan Bomberger

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Abortion Clinic Targets African-Americans With Claim That “Abortion is Sacred” and “Abortion is a Blessing”
Washington, DC | 1/29/18

Targeting the black community with abortion is nothing new for an industry birthed in eugenic racism and elitism. A few weeks ago, Ohio’s largest abortion facility, Preterm, placed 16 billboards promoting the benefits of killing the unborn in Cleveland. Nine of those billboards were placed in predominantly black neighborhoods (with African-Americans comprising 78% or more of those neighborhoods). Notice the complete “objectivity” of the Cleveland Plain Dealer which offered no differing perspective to the campaign. As with most #fakenews outlets, they simply give free ad space instead of exercising journalism.

Mainstream Media Refuses to Cover March for Life Because They’re Afraid of Pictures Like This
Washington, DC | 1/22/18

Could there be a starker contrast? One movement protects innocent human life; the other promotes killing human life. One marvels at the biological differences that enable women to conceive and carry new life; the other denies there is such a thing as biological women. One believes we’re all created equal and that justice is protecting the weak against the strong; the other believes some are less equal than others and that “reproductive justice” demands that the strong prevail over the weaker. One believes adoption is an act of courageous love that makes a child a member of a devoted family; the other is devoted to the lie that adoption is more harmful than the dismembering act of abortion. One upholds the vulnerable; the other upholds the vulgar.

NAACP Should Issue Travel Advisory for Racist Planned Parenthood, Which Kills Black Babies in Abortions
Washington, DC | 10/30/17

Struggling to stay relevant, the NAACP tries to raise publicity of its hopelessly liberal brand by absurdly crying racism where it doesn’t exist.

Abortion Activist Harvey Weinstein is a Sexual Predator and Major Planned Parenthood Donor
Washington, DC | 10/12/17

Hollywood, the Land of Make-Believe and Botox injections, loves to inject its “moral” authority into every social issue. But, like everything Tinseltown produces, it’s all duplicitous. They do give rousing performances, especially at their self-awarding ceremonies where they applaud their “courage” for groupthink. They love to lecture America on a host of their choice inequalities: income, racism, elitism, LGBT-ism, and feminism. From a demographic where many spend millions changing their biologically-given face to a surgically altered one, is it any wonder they’re two-faced about all of these issues?

NFL Players Protest Racism, But What About the 270 Black Babies Planned Parenthood Kills Every Day?
Washington, DC | 9/28/17

Finally! NFL players across the country took a knee to protest the systemic racism and unjustified deaths that have plagued black communities for decades. Using their broadcast platform, socially-conscious athletes showed the world that they would not stand for the injustices done by those in power. Players, black and white, displayed solidarity against the killing of unarmed black lives through state-funded violence. They declared an end to Planned Parenthood.

Want to Stop White Supremacy? Start With the 266 Black Babies Planned Parenthood Aborts Every Day
Washington, DC | 8/17/17

Meant to Be: The Triumph Over Rape and Abortion
Washington, DC | 7/27/17

How do you thank a woman for making you possible? How do you thank someone who, despite the horror of rape, chose the gift of Life and adoption for you?

The Courageous Pro-Life Women Who Fight for Real Equality
Washington, DC | 7/20/17

What is feminism? If you asked people on the street, the most common response is “equality”. Yet at the darkened heart of today’s faux feminism, there is no equality because it is violently hostile to Life. You can dress it up in all the pink banners, euphemisms, “women’s empowerment” and #ShoutYourAbortion tweetfests that you’d like, but the truth can’t be hashtagged over.

10 Reasons to Keep Abortion Giant Planned Parenthood Out of Your Local School
Washington, DC | 6/28/17

There are many reasons to keep the nation’s largest abortion chain out of the business of miseducating our children. Here are ten really good ones:

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