Ryan Bomberger

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You’ve Been Guttmacher’d: Planned Parenthood’s Baby
Washington, DC | 9/6/11

Anytime journalists feel the need to reinforce unexamined Planned Parenthood statements, they pull the Guttmacher card. The Guttmacher Institute, founded by former Planned Parenthood President and former Vice President of the American Eugenics Society, Alan F. Guttmacher, is continually lavished with misleading credentials by mainstream media.

The Unholy Alliance Between Some Adoption Agencies and Abortion
Washington, DC | 8/30/11

There are some things in life that are just painfully oxymoronic. Political correctness.  Government transparency. NPR fairness. Bureaucratic efficiencies. And one of the examples most disturbing to me: “pro-choice” adoption agencies.

The Racialization of Adoption Threatens Black Children
Washington, DC | 8/12/11

Adoption is a powerful and emotionally potent act, for the birth mother and the prospective parents. The act of relinquishing a child to someone else and to take in a child, who is not biologically related, is an incredible act of love and sacrifice.

NPR Lies About Censoring Pro-Life Views During Abortion Debate
Washington, DC | 8/2/11

On July 18th, NPR’s Michel Martin invited Reverend Carlton Veazey and me to debate the issue of abortion in the black community on “Tell Me More”.  I’m beginning to believe a name revision is in order: “Tell Me More Lies.”

Negro Project 2.0: Margaret Sanger’s Abortion Legacy Lives On
Washington, DC | 7/25/11

Last week’s NPR interview on “Tell Me More” really should be called “Tell Me Less”. Their heavy editing of only The Radiance Foundation’s perspective, while preserving every word spoken by Reverend Carlton Veazey,revealed NPR’s typical liberal bias and uninformed defense of Planned Parenthood. The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice CEO’s closing remarks (nearly two minutes versus mine which were cut down to 15 seconds) were just a continuation of pro-abortion histrionics by the historically challenged.

Abortion Activists Fail to Bring Down California Billboards
Oakland, CA | 7/15/11

Pro-abortion groups in Oakland, California, just can’t seem to accept that they've failed.  Despite shamefully biased and blatantly dishonest press from local TV news (CBS-5 and ABC-7) and area newspapers (Oakland Tribune and San Francisco Chronicle) none of their absurd cries of racism could remove the “Black & Beautiful: TooManyAborted.com” billboards.

California Abortion Backers Want Vaccinations Without Parental Consent
Sacramento, CA | 7/12/11

California may be called the Golden State, but all that glitters isn't gold! Sometimes, it’s just the sheen from a highly polished load of lies marketed as urgently needed legislation.

Still Not Free At Last: NAACP Ignores Abortion Epidemic
Washington, DC | 7/6/11

Purpose is impossible without freedom. As one who was adopted and an adoptive father, I know the beauty of possibility and the passion with which people of every race defend human life in all of its stages.

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