Ryan Bomberger

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2011: Year of Liberation From the Stranglehold of Abortion
Washington, DC | 12/30/11

This has been a year of liberation. The abortion industry has been challenged, like never before, by women and men passionate about protecting all life.

Wall St. Journal Spreads Margaret Sanger’s Abortion Propaganda
Washington, DC | 12/20/11

Did you know that one out of ten people reading this article will go on to win the lottery? Sounds absurd, right? Of course it’s false, but outrageous lies like this are the norm for abortion propagandists. This is what Margaret Sanger and her offspring Planned Parenthood have done, persistently, to the American public since 1917.

D.C. City Council Wants to Kill More Black Babies in Abortions
Washington, DC | 12/16/11

Today, members of the DC City Council, along with liberal activist group DC Vote, are protesting on Capitol Hill to demand that taxpayers fund DC’s abortions.

Jesus Christ: The Best Thing in Life Was Unplanned
Washington, DC | 12/14/11

An unplanned pregnancy. A courageous teenage mother. A father who chose adoption over abandonment. This is Christmas. Without this scenario, we wouldn't be honoring the most history-altering moment for humanity.

Huffington Post Ignores Planned Parenthood’s Racist Roots
Washington, DC | 12/6/11

Looks like Huffington Post Black Voices (via black women’s online mag, Clutch) is voicing its bizarre support, once again, for more black abortions in “Dr. King Supported Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood, Why Won’t You.”

Planned Parenthood’s Mythomania: Big Abortion and Big Lies
Washington, DC | 11/30/11

If Planned Parenthood were a patient (at least one they haven’t aborted), it could be diagnosed with one of many behavioral disorders.  But the primary diagnosis would be…mythomania. This psychological disorder is marked by an “excessive or abnormal propensity for lying and exaggerating.”

Thanks4Giving Me Life: A Tribute to Pro-Life Champions
Washington, DC | 11/23/11

Love and sacrifice make life possible.  Throughout human history, life has been rescued, elevated and celebrated by acts of inexplicable courage and compassion. It is this continuing cycle of our humanity that extols others above ourselves. This is what defines the prolife movement. It is rooted in the foundational belief that human dignity isn’t for the privileged and the planned, but for all.

National Adoption Month: You Can Be a Child’s Hope
Washington, DC | 11/15/11

Adoption unleashes purpose. My life and millions of others like me reveal this undeniable truth. One woman’s selfless choice made my life possible. One couple’s sacrifice made my possibilities come to life.

State of Same: Eugenics Still Drives the Abortion Industry
Washington, DC | 11/8/11

NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams produced an incredible and moving news feature, “State of Shame”, on the horrific and racist eugenics practice of forced sterilizations. The story centered on a central figure in the MAAFA21 documentary, Elaine Riddick, a black woman who was forcibly sterilized after being raped at age 13.

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