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Scientists Remove Extra Chromosome From Cells of Down Syndrome Patient
Washington, DC | 11/14/12

Scientists from the University of Washington have been able to remove the extra chromosome 21 in cells taken from a person with Down Syndrome. In a gene therapy process that targets only the extra genetic material in the cell, scientist were able to successfully remove the chromosome 21 without damaging the integrity of the rest of the DNA in the nucleus.

Scientists in Oregon Create Embryos With Three Genetic Parents
Washington, DC | 10/25/12

Over the last year there have been many headlines about the debate in the United Kingdom on whether to create embryos with three genetic parents. Now the debate has come to America where scientists in Oregon have created embryos that have genetic material from two women and one man.

Company Claiming to Launch Celebrity Sperm Donor Program a Hoax
Washington, DC | 10/22/12

Fame Daddy, the company that says it was going to begin selling celebrity sperm to desperate couples, is a comedy hoax. YAAAYYY! Gotta love those Brits lampooning society's crass commercialization of procreation. From Time:

Company Set to Launch Celebrity Sperm Donor Program
Washington, DC | 10/17/12

The Church warned us if we separated procreation from the physical act of love between a husband and wife, children would become commodities, man-made objects to be ordered from a menu to satisfy the whim of the parents. As William E. May so eloquently wrote:

Stem Cells Derived From Abortion Implanted Into Brains of Boys
Washington, DC | 10/14/12

The LA Times recently reported on the first successful neural stem cell transplant. Four boys have had neural stem cells injected into their brains in a trial to treat the rare genetic disorder Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease. The study is being conducted at University California San Francisco and the results published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

Should Pro-Life People Object to Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells?
Washington, DC | 10/10/12

Scientists Reprogram Adult Cells Into Neurons
Washington, DC | 10/5/12

All of the cells in our body have all the same DNA in the nucleus. So what makes a heart cell a heart cell and a muscle cell a muscle cell? The different cell types in our bodies express different genes which give them their unique characteristics. Scientists are discovering that by introducing certain factors , they can reprogram a cell into a different kind of cell.

Researchers Develop New Genetic Test for Autism
Washington, DC | 10/4/12

Here I go jumping into the fray. I told myself I would never do it, and here I go. I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked about autism and vaccines, especially vaccines made with cells that originated with an aborted baby.

Mothers: Too Much Prenatal Testing Info is “Toxic”
Washington, DC | 9/25/12

"TMI! Mom. TMI!" I hear that phrase a lot with a couple of teenagers in my house. TMI, of course, is short for "too much information."

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