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After 20 Years of Killing Babies, Morgentaler Abortion Clinic Shutting Down in Fredericton
Fredericton, Canada | 7/18/14

It is a sad day for abortion advocates in Canada. After more than 20 years of operation, today will be the last day the Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton, New Brunswick will end the lives of pre-born children.

City Censors Pro-Life Group’s Images of Babies Dying From Abortion
Hamilton, Canada | 7/16/14

There is scarcely an area in the world that is unaffected by one atrocity or another. Whether it is natural disasters, such as hurricane Arthur, which recently slammed into Atlantic Canada, or human-inflicted tragedy, as we can observe from the latest violent tension between Israel and Hamas, we are bombarded on a daily basis by images of violence, disaster, suffering, injustice and various other horrors experienced by real people all over the globe. We receive these images predominantly through the media; this is, after all, what they do — report news.

Canadian Doctors Should Not be Forced to Do Abortions or Provide Birth Control
Ottawa, Canada | 7/9/14

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) is asking for public input as part of its regular review of policy guidelines. At issue in this current review is the right of doctors to refuse to provide certain treatments based on religious or moral grounds.

Men Often Support Abortion More Than Women, And There’s a Reason Why
Ottawa, Canada | 6/11/14

Even though it should not surprise us, it is still disturbing to know that more men than women support abortion. I came across this article today and I agree with the author's analysis.

Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau Refuses to Condemn Sex-Selection Abortions
Ottawa, Canada | 5/26/14

Thanks to Justin Trudeau, the national conversation about abortion and pre-born human rights is heating up in Canada. It has been more than two weeks since the leader of the Liberal Party declared that pro-life candidates would not be allowed to run for his party. In spite of Trudeau going farther than any other party leader with his statements the ensuing debate has proven that Canadians are not as content with the status quo as some may have thought.

Justin Trudeau Stands With China and North Korea for Abortion on Demand
Ottawa, Canada | 5/20/14

Justin Trudeau's latest attempt to assure his supporters that he is simply reflecting the so-called Biblical tradition passed on to him by his father is rife with myths and intentional misinterpretations of the law.  

Canadian MP Backs Away From “Abortion is a Human Right” Motion After Massive Pro-Life Opposition
Ottawa, Canada | 5/15/14

It was with full confidence that Niki Ashton, the NDP Status of Women critic, announced earlier this week that she was putting forward a motion calling on the House of Commons to recognize a woman’s right to choose abortion as a fundamental question of equality and human rights.

Canadian MP Introduces Motion Calling Abortion a “Fundamental Human Right”
Ottawa, Canada | 5/14/14

As more than 20,000 pro-lifers gathered on Parliament Hill last week, Niki Ashton, the New Democratic Party (NDP) Status of Women critic, was putting together a motion that will see abortion debated in the House of Commons before MPs head back to their ridings for the summer.

20,000 People Will March for Life in Canada Against Abortion, Will the Media Ignore Them?
Ottawa, Canada | 5/7/14

This week thousands of Canadians will gather in Ottawa and the provincial capitals for the March for Life. The annual gathering is by far the largest of all the political demonstrations to take place on Parliament Hill each year.

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