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218 Babies in Just One Canadian Province Survived Abortions and Were Left to Die
Ottawa, Canada | 1/21/16

They had just received the news that two-year-old Lily, their only child, was diagnosed with autism.  After receiving advice from a specialist, they scheduled an appointment at the clinic where she would receive the lethal injection that would end her suffering. The day arrived and they passed Lily to the attendant who took her away while her parents paced anxiously in the waiting room.

Canada: Liberal Party Health Minister Jane Philpott Pushes for More Abortion Clinics
Ottawa, Canada | 11/23/15

For those concerned about the health and safety of all Canadians, no matter their location, it was with nervous excitement that we received the news of Dr. Jane Philpott’s appointment as Minister of Health.

Canada’s Next Prime Minister Supports Late-term Abortions and Sex-Selection Abortions
Ottawa, Canada | 10/8/15

Justin Trudeau’s attempt to play wedge politics with the abortion issue fell flat at last week’s French language debate. This must have been disappointing for him as his position has been clear for some time: he supports every form of abortion – including for the sole purpose of terminating the lives of girl babies simply because they are female – at every stage of pregnancy. He even issued an edict stating that anyone who questioned the status quo was not welcome in the Liberal party.

Pro-Lifers in Winnipeg Canada Will Plant 100,000 Pink and Blue Flags Representing Aborted Babies
Winnipeg, Canada | 10/7/15

More than 100 volunteers will gather in Memorial Provincial Park across from the Manitoba Legislative Building, in downtown Winnipeg tomorrow to plant 100,000 pink and blue flags.

Killed in a Murder at 5 Months: Canada Says Unborn Baby Wasn’t a Human Being
Ottawa, Canada | 8/7/15

Canada’s refusal to recognize pre-born human rights has once again manifested in a real life tragedy. Police in Beloeil, Quebec are reporting that the body of Cheryl Bau-Tremblay was found inside the home she shared with her partner. Ms. Bau-Tremblay was five months pregnant at the time of her death.

Canada Approves Dangerous RU 486 Abortion Pill That Kills Women and Unborn Babies
Ottawa, Canada | 7/30/15

After nearly three years of deliberating, Health Canada has approved Mifepristone for use in Canada. The process has not been without controversy, as it expands abortion services in a nation that is among the most radical in the world when it comes to the lack of protection for the preborn. Linepharma International, the small European drug manufacturer of the Mifepristone tablet, more commonly known as RU-486, faced obstacles right from the genesis of its foray into the Canadian market.

School Nurse Took Teen for Abortion, Lied to Her Parents About Why She Came Home Late
Wellington, New Zealand | 6/29/15

story out of New Zealand recently told of a school nurse booking a student for an abortion, driving her there during school hours, bringing her home late, and lying about why they were late.  Weeks later, as the girl deteriorated emotionally and physically, it came out that she had received an abortion that day. The surgery damaged her uterus and she will now never be able to have a baby.

Canadian Pro-Life Leader Hails Vote for Freedom of Conscience in House of Commons
Ottawa, Canada | 6/18/15

The Canadian pro-life group We Need a Law submitted the following to LifeNews:

Are We Any Different Than Nazi Eugenics When We Abort Babies Because They Have Down Syndrome?
Ottawa, Canada | 6/16/15

When the horrors of the Holocaust became public in the 1940s, eugenics faded to the background. But once again we are witnessing science being manipulated in an attempt to create a more “perfect” society.

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