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Are 100,000 Abortions in Canada Not Enough? Justin Trudeau Wants $600 Million to Fund More
Ottawa, Canada | 2/6/17

The gulf between Canada and the USA’s treatment of pre-born children is widening, to Canada’s shame.

“Degrassi” Pushes Teen Abortions in Television Drama’s Latest Season
Washington, DC | 1/11/17

According to Linda Schuyler, the executive producer of the teen sitcom “Degrassi,” abortion is the “first, if not the second, most divisive topic that we talk about.”

Why is the Ontario Government Hiding Abortion Statistics?
Toronto, Ontario | 1/5/17

Starting in Ottawa on January 7th, the STOP CENSORSHIP TOUR will host nine events across Ontario to put public pressure on Premier Wynne to overturn a censorship provision in Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).

Canadian Bill Would Allow Pregnant Women to Start Maternity Benefits 7 Weeks Sooner
Ottawa, Canada | 12/7/16

Over the past number of years in Canada, there has been a marked increase in women working in highly physical skilled trades typically thought of as “men’s domains”. These jobs may come with more risks for a woman and her pre-born child during pregnancy, or be inadvisable or impossible to continue in while pregnant. While the Employment lnsurance Act states that pregnant women are eligible for a total of 15 weeks of maternity benefits, the earliest these benefits can start is 8 weeks before the birth of her child. Those eight weeks, however, are beginning to be recognized as woefully inadequate in an increasingly gender-balanced workforce.

Want to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer? Don’t Have an Abortion
Washington, DC | 10/26/16

Breast cancer will be diagnosed in 1 in 9 Canadian women. The scores of Canadians who know women affected by breast cancer know it affects women from all walks of life without discrimination. Yet, as with all cancers, we hold out hope that causes and risk factors can be identified. If links can be proven, we can choose to take precautions against increasing our risk unnecessarily.

Canada Defeats Bill Saying Unborn Baby is a Human Being When a Pregnant Woman is Killed
Ottawa, Canada | 10/20/16

Members of Parliament Wednesday voted 209 – 76 against Bill C-225, also known as “Cassie and Molly’s Law.”

Pro-Abortion Canadian MPs Oppose Bill to Protect Pregnant Women and Unborn Children From Violence
Ottawa, Canada | 10/19/16

Those who spoke against Bill C-225 (Protection of Pregnant Women and Their Preborn Children Act or “Cassie and Molly’s Law”) in yesterday evening’s debate are endangering Canadian women and the choices they make. They may not be doing so in principle, but certainly in effect.

New Canadian Bill Would Make It a Crime to Harm an Unborn Baby Against Her Mother’s Will
Ottawa, Canada | 10/3/16

This fall, MPs will be debating Bill C-225, a private member’s bill that addresses gender-based violence by protecting pregnant women who have chosen to carry their child to term.

Canadian Abortion Activists Oppose Bill Protecting Pregnant Women From Violence
Ottawa, Canada | 9/28/16

A private member’s bill put forward by Cathay Wagantall is receiving pushback from Joyce Arthur, executive director of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada.

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