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Canada Censors Pro-Life Billboards Alerting Canadians Abortion is Legal Up to Birth
Ottawa, Canada | 10/19/18

A decision by Ad Standards that ruled a pro-life billboard stating, “Canada has no abortion laws” has been upheld by an Appeal Panel. In a letter received by We Need a Law on October 16, 2018, the Vice President of Ad Standards, offered no reasons as to why the pro-life advertisement contravened the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards.

Canadian Conservative Party Votes to End Its Tolerance of Abortion Until Birth
Ottawa, Canada | 8/24/18

Delegates at the Conservative National Policy Convention happening now in Halifax, NS have just voted in favour deleting Article 65 from the policy handbook. The policy dates back to the Harper era and states: “A Conservative Government will not support any legislation to regulate abortion.”

Canadian Pro-Life Groups Challenge Conservative Party to End It’s Tolerance of Abortion Until Birth
Ottawa, Canada | 8/21/18

The Conservative National Policy Convention is taking place in Halifax, Nova Scotia from August 23-25. We Need a Law, a national lobby group advocating for laws regulating abortion in Canada, will be present at the convention. Along with Right Now, another influential pro-life group, they will be hosting the “Life of the Party” hospitality suite.

61% of Canadians Want Law Limiting Current Policy of Unlimited Abortions Up to Birth
Ottawa, Canada | 8/7/18

In all but one of the opinion polls publicly available since 2010, a majority of Canadians support at least some law regulating abortion.

3,000 Pink and Blue Flags Represent the 100,000 Babies Aborted Every Year in Canada
Ottawa, Canada | 5/11/18

On the heels of the March for Life thousands of pink and blue flags will be planted around the Human Rights Monument in downtown Ottawa today. The flags are being planted by participants in a two-day conference hosted by We Need a Law, a national group advocating for laws protecting fetal interests.

Abortion Clinic Tells Women After Aborting Their Baby: “You’ll Feel Much Better After a Light Meal”
Ottawa, Canada | 2/26/18

Reading websites for abortion clinics is not the most fun you’ll have on a Friday night. It is, however, useful in learning what matters to these for-profit clinics, and seeing how they market to women facing an incredibly difficult situation. It is especially important because pregnancy care centers are under attack, while abortion clinics claim to be the pro-woman voice at the table.

Heartbreaking Flag Display Gives a Visual Representation of How Many Babies Abortion Has Killed
Ottawa, Canada | 12/1/17

A recent flag display at the University of Victoria on Vancouver Island was a great example of how a simple, powerful display can keep people talking about the issue of abortion.

So-Called “Safe Zone Legislation” Infringes on Pro-Life Free Speech Rights
Ottawa, Canada | 10/4/17

Today’s announcement by Ontario’s Attorney General regarding “safe zone legislation” is an affront to democracy and a violation of every Canadian’s fundamental freedom of expression.

Why is Canada Spending $97 Million Funding Abortions in Africa?
Ottawa, Canada | 8/2/17

Canada’s Minister of International Development, Marie-Claude Bibeau, recently announced $97 million in funding for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in line with Canada’s “Feminist International Assistance Policy”.

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