Mallory Quigley

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Women Need Comprehensive, Not Just Reproductive, Health Care
Washington, DC | 5/11/12

In the on-going debate over taxpayer funding of abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood, there is a notion that the only medical problems experienced by women concern their reproductive system.

War on Women? The Undeniable Roots of Pro-Life Feminism
Washington, DC | 4/27/12

In light of the alleged “War on Women,” Arizona State Rep. Terri Proud wrote a press release confidently expressing her pro-life, pro-woman position. Rep. Proud explained that as a woman in office defending the dignity of human life, she herself has faced numerous name-calling attacks – everything from “ignorant” to “anti-woman” from the very same people now crying foul about the so-called “war.”

Planned Parenthood’s Main Agenda for Women is Abortion
Washington, DC | 1/10/12

There’s been a lot of whining recently from the pro-abortion media and media watch dogs over conservative’s treatment of Planned Parenthood. In a frustrating -- but unfortunately not surprising – abdication of journalistic responsibility, these Planned Parenthood sympathizers either cannot or will not understand the position of the pro-life American majority, opting rather to trust blindly in the nation’s largest abortion provider.

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