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Pro-Life Women’s Group Awards Young Women Active Against Abortion
Washington, DC | 5/10/13

Every Spring, the Susan B. Anthony List presents its Young Leader Awards to a group of young women who embody the pro-life legacy of Susan B. Anthony, to honor and encourage a new group of young pro-life women leaders in their efforts to stand up for Life

Pro-Life Women’s Group Wins Grassroots Organization Award at CPAC
Washington, DC | 3/14/13

Last night the SBA List was honored to receive the award for Grassroots Organization of the Year at the prestigious Weyrich Awards Dinner!

Adoption Tax Credits Should be Expanded, Made Permanent
Washington, DC | 3/13/13

In a new paper released today, the Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) detailed the history and progress of the Adoption Tax Credit in the United States and called on the federal and state governments to create or expand existing credits to promote a culture of adoption. In addition to improving lives by providing a permanent and stable home for a child in a distressed situation, adoption also has a fiscal element. The Adoption Tax Credits help avert the public expense due to the social costs associated with raising children under less than ideal conditions.

Pro-Life Group Endorses Ken Cuccinelli for Governor of Virginia
Richmond, VA | 3/3/13

This past week, the Susan B. Anthony List announced its endorsement of Ken Cuccinelli for Governor of Virginia!

Planned Parenthood, Some “Pro-Choicers” Are Really Pro-Abortion
Washington, DC | 1/23/13

Here’s something sure to be familiar for many in the pro-life movement. Since I began my pro-life activism, I’ve often been chided by family members and friends for using the term pro-abortion. “No one is really ‘pro-abortion,’” they argue, “that’s why we call ourselves ‘pro-choice.’” This has never seen like much of an argument, rather, it comes across as a refusal to acknowledge the truth out of fear.

Abortion Survivor’s Story Exposes Myth of “Wanted” Babies
Washington, DC | 12/11/12

“I almost felt like I was throwing the baby at the nurses, like ‘quick!’ and the team just responded immediately!”

Women Need Comprehensive, Not Just Reproductive, Health Care
Washington, DC | 5/11/12

In the on-going debate over taxpayer funding of abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood, there is a notion that the only medical problems experienced by women concern their reproductive system.

War on Women? The Undeniable Roots of Pro-Life Feminism
Washington, DC | 4/27/12

In light of the alleged “War on Women,” Arizona State Rep. Terri Proud wrote a press release confidently expressing her pro-life, pro-woman position. Rep. Proud explained that as a woman in office defending the dignity of human life, she herself has faced numerous name-calling attacks – everything from “ignorant” to “anti-woman” from the very same people now crying foul about the so-called “war.”

Planned Parenthood’s Main Agenda for Women is Abortion
Washington, DC | 1/10/12

There’s been a lot of whining recently from the pro-abortion media and media watch dogs over conservative’s treatment of Planned Parenthood. In a frustrating -- but unfortunately not surprising – abdication of journalistic responsibility, these Planned Parenthood sympathizers either cannot or will not understand the position of the pro-life American majority, opting rather to trust blindly in the nation’s largest abortion provider.

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