Kristan Hawkins

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WATCH: Abortion Activist Caught on Video Destroying Pro-Life Display
Fresno, California | 5/3/18

Yesterday, a vandal at Fresno State was caught on video washing away pro-life chalkings at the school that were written by Fresno State Students for Life.

Student Athletes Face Tremendous Pressure to Have Abortions to Stay on Their Teams
Washington, DC | 4/17/18

In a strange twist of fate, leading athletics programs seem to be ignoring federal protections for women that went into effect the year before Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton created almost unlimited abortion access. While the 1972 Title IX was created to protect female athletes from discrimination on the basis of sex, many athletes report that rather than their pregnancies being welcomed or accommodated, they are facing incredible pressure to abort, almost as though Roe’s 1973 abortion ruling trumped their rights.

Abortion Activist Steals Pro-Life Groups’ Sign Promoting Event Exposing Planned Parenthood
San Antonio, Texas | 4/5/18

Around 9 am on Friday, March 30th, pro-life students at University of Texas San Antonioa noticed that someone stole a pro-life sign put up by UTSA Students for Life, promoting an upcoming speech by pro-life speaker and former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson.

Cecile Richards’ Legacy: Planned Parenthood Killed 3.5 Million Babies in Abortions While She Was CEO
Washington, DC | 4/3/18

Cecile Richards departs from Planned Parenthood with a bloody resumea diminished business model, and the primary skills of promoting abortion while skillfully maneuvering politicians to advance her cause. As she launches her book tour for “Make Trouble,” her new book, she leaves a troubled organization just as the Department of Justice undertakes a long overdue investigation of Planned Parenthood’s handling of the sale and distribution of pre-born baby body parts.

California Thinks It Can Force Pro-Life Centers to Promote Abortion. What Will the Supreme Court Decide?
Washington, DC | 3/20/18

Should the government be able to force you to advocate for things you believe are harmful? Consider the outrage if vegetarian nutritionists were forced to extoll the health benefits of beef or if breast-feeding advocates in the La Leche League had to recommend baby formula or if anti-war protestors had to mention Army recruitment. That kind of government interference in free speech would be seen as ridiculous if applied to such passions. But people opposed to abortion face such pressure now in California.

ACLU Pushes for Unlimited “Right” to Abortion for Illegal Immigrants
Washington, DC | 3/7/18

History seems prepared to repeat itself as undocumented, pregnant teenagers are caught in the web of abortion advocates looking for a new “right.” In October 2017, a pregnant, illegal immigrant teenager, with the help of the ACLU, sought an abortion in the United States. At the time, I argued that the case could lead to a “Roe v. Wade 2.0” or an international Jane Roe creating a “right” to abortion for all on U.S. soil, whether or not the individual was a citizen of the United States. This was not idle speculation or fundraising rhetoric.

Pro-Life Students Launch Nationwide Tour to Defund Planned Parenthood
Washington, DC | 3/2/18

Students for Life of America announced today a strategic effort to call on U.S. Senators in key states to defund Planned Parenthood at the first available opportunity. The five states being targeted include West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Kentucky.

California Wants To Force Public Universities To Administer Abortion Pills
Sacramento, CA | 2/9/18

A move is underway to transform California public universities from institutions dedicated to educating and empowering the nation’s next generation of leaders into abortion vendors. The California state assembly is now considering SB 320, a measure that would mandate that all California state-funded universities administer RU-486, a drug designed to induce abortion, on their campuses. The idea is to have schools partner with mega-abortion providers so that students at risk from a lonely and potentially dangerous abortion can access them from their dorm rooms.

The #MeToo Movement Ignores The Most Offensive Form Of Partner Violence That Exists
Washington, DC | 1/16/18

As American voices reach a fever pitch over sexual abuse allegations against powerful men and more women adopt the #MeToo rallying cry every day, there’s still a trend of fatal abuse that has received nary a peep of condemnation from Hollywood elite. Shrouded in silence, abusive men across the country — and the world — drug unsuspecting pregnant partners with the intention of aborting the preborn children for whom they do not want to take responsibility. With how little attention these crimes receive from the media, one may think these abusers are few and far between. They are not.

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