Josh Brahm

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Pro-Life Groups Were Wrong to Fight the Ban on Late-Term Abortions
Washington, DC | 6/21/13

A lot of people have asked me about Georgia Right to Life’s response to the 20-week abortion ban. In case you didn’t know, they made national news by asking the pro-life legislators of Georgia to vote against the pro-life bill when a rape and incest exception was added, a necessary condition of getting it passed in the House according to members of Congress, congressional staffers, and members of the pro-life lobby.

A Pro-Life Refutation of the Bodily Rights Argument for Abortion
Washington, DC | 6/9/13

40 Days for Life Founder Talks About the State of the Pro-Life Movement
Washington, DC | 6/4/13

After summarizing Abby Johnson’s story, I ask 40 Days for Life co-founder Shawn Carney about his ministry as well as the state of the pro-life movement.

Debating Abortion: Do Pro-Choice People Make Me Angry?
Washington, DC | 6/2/13

I have a great pro-choice friend who is both a careful thinker and very open-minded. I think we’ve exchanged about 100 emails to each other so far, and we’re far from finished. With her permission, I want to share with you a few questions she asked me this morning, as well as my response to her. It gave me the chance to clear up a few common concerns and misconceptions that pro-life people have about my work.

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