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Debating Abortion: Six Pro-Life Tips for Arguing With Analogies Clearly
Washington, DC | 9/27/13

I published a listener mail video at the Life Report site that I think is worth highlighting here.

What the Pro-Life Movement Must Do in the Next 10 Years to End Abortion
Washington, DC | 9/18/13

How Pro-Lifers Can Respectfully Debate the Issue of Abortion
Washington, DC | 9/4/13

My new favorite Christian organization Soulation just published an interview with me about how pro-lifers can love pro-choice people better while discussing an emotional issue like abortion.

Disagree With a Pro-Lifer’s Strategy? Don’t Compare Them to Planned Parenthood
Washington, DC | 7/26/13

I need to vent a little. I just read a statement from Rep. André Jacque who is pushing a personhood amendment in Wisconsin that frustrated me, and it’s not the first time I’ve seen this kind of thing. I believe that a common talking point that grassroots pro-life people on both sides of the incrementalism/personhood debate both use needs to be retired.

Facing Life Head On: Brad Mattes Talks About His Pro-Life Work
Washington, DC | 7/19/13

I interview Brad Mattes, CEO of Life Issues Institute and host of the Emmy award-winning television show, “Facing Life Head-On.”  

Debating Abortion 101: The Best Way to Expose Logical Fallacies
Washington, DC | 7/16/13

In my last post I talked about something I’ve been noticing recently, that people, especially pro-life nerds like me, are tempted to talk about logical fallacies all the time in conversation. There are several dangers to this. I’ve argued already that the first danger is accusing somebody of a logical fallacy when they didn’t actually commit one.

Debating Abortion 101: Understand the Concept of a Logical Fallacy
Washington, DC | 7/10/13

One danger of accusing people of committing a logical fallacy is that you may not actually know what you’re talking about.

How Can Pro-Lifers Encourage People to Sidewalk Counsel at Abortion Clinics?
Washington, DC | 7/7/13

This is a clip from an episode of Life Report called “Shawn Carney on the State of the Pro-Life Movement.” In this clip I asked 40 Days for Life co-founder Shawn Carney how pro-life organizations could better persuade people to participate in sidewalk counseling.

Students for Life of America: Helping Pro-Lifers in College and High School
Washington, DC | 7/4/13

Casey Vroman from Students for Life of America joins me in studio to talk about the free resources that SFLA offers to college students and now high schoolers. We believe it’s important that all pro-life advocates know about these resources so that you can point students in your sphere of influence to them.

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