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First Horse iPS Cells Reduce Need for Embryonic Ones
Montreal, Canada | 2/28/11

Canadian scientists have produced the first induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells from a horse. The cells show all the typical characteristics of pluripotent stem cells, including the formation of tumors in immuno-compromised mice.

Second Chance at Life for Adult Stem Cell Transplant Patient
Washington, DC | 2/16/11

An update on the City of Hope’s 10,000th bone marrow adult stem cell transplant. The patient, now identified as 51-year-old William Fuller, was released from the hospital last week.

Babies Can Be Treated With Adult Stem Cells, Even in the Womb
Washington, DC | 2/1/11

Two recent stories are exciting about the possibility of treating young children, even in the womb, with adult stem cells.  One study shows that cardiac adult stem cells can be isolated from young children with heart problems, even as young as one day old. 

Adult Stem Cells Helping Women With Breast Reconstruction
Washington, DC | 1/27/11

An announcement recently from Japanese universities that they are establishing an institute to use adult stem cells for breast reconstruction is welcome news, recognizing the current uses as well as future potential of adult stem cells for patients.

Scientists Create Cloned Mice With Two Genetic Fathers
Washington, DC | 12/10/10

Using a very roundabout technique, scientists have created mice with two genetic fathers. But don’t look for this to be applicable any time soon with humans. The convoluted technique needs flow charts to explain (thankfully provided by the authors in their paper.)

Scientists Still Pushing for Human Cloning Amid Media Blackout
Washington, DC | 12/9/10

While the subject of cloning has not been in the news lately, people should realize that there are some scientists who still want human clones, and politicians pushing for approval of human cloning for experiments.

Major Scientific Advance: Blood From Skin Without Stem Cells
Washington, DC | 11/8/10

Scientists at McMaster University in Canada have shown that they can transform human skin cells directly into blood cells, without going through an intermediate stem cell stage. 

California Funds Less Embryonic, More Adult Stem Cell Research
Washington, DC | 10/27/10

The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) again seems to realize that adult stem cells have a distinct advantage over embryonic stem cells, including the best opportunity of helping patients.

Adult Stem Cell Research Far Ahead of Embryonic
Washington, DC | 10/24/10

The media have rarely reported on the multitude of successes with adult stem cells in the past, preferring to focus on unethical, unsuccessful embryonic stem cells. So it was heartening to see Malcolm Ritter and the Associated Press put out a story that highlights some of the real successes and promise of adult stem cells, as opposed to the wishful thinking and hype of embryonic stem cells.

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