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First Patient Injected With Embryonic Derivatives Identified
Washington, DC | 4/12/11

The first patient to be injected with derivatives of human embryonic stem cells has been identified.

Scientists Grow Human Heart in Lab Using Adult Stem Cells
Washington, DC | 4/4/11

Scientists report that they are trying to grow live human hearts in the laboratory. Dr. Doris Taylor of the University of Minnesota presented her team’s latest work at the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology over the weekend.

Adult Stem Cells Help Patients with Aggressive Multiple Sclerosis
Washington, DC | 3/24/11

A team of scientists from Thessaloniki, Greece, have shown that chemotherapy followed by adult stem cell transplant can stop progression of aggressive multiple sclerosis (MS).

Does the Minnesota Medical Association Support Human Cloning?
St. Paul, MN | 3/21/11

The short answer is yes. But the real question is what they support doing with cloned human embryos.

Oklahoma House Votes Against Destruction of Embryonic Humans
Oklahoma City, OK | 3/18/11

The Oklahoma House has passed a bill that would prohibit human embryo destruction for experiments, by a vote of 86 votes in favor and 8 votes opposed. Contrary to what some news reports claim, the bill (HB 1442) sponsored by Rep. George Faught does not directly address embryonic stem cell research.

Adult Stem Cells Successful For Breast Reconstruction
Washington, DC | 3/7/11

Results of a long-term study released Wednesday show that adult stem cells from a patient’s own fat tissue are safe for breast reconstruction for former breast cancer patients.

ACT Gets Unethical Patent for Human Embryo Manipulation
Washington, DC | 3/1/11

The embryonic stem cell and cloning company, Advanced Cell Technology (ACT), has been granted a patent for what it calls its “single-blastomere technique” for generating human embryonic stem cell lines.

First Horse iPS Cells Reduce Need for Embryonic Ones
Montreal, Canada | 2/28/11

Canadian scientists have produced the first induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells from a horse. The cells show all the typical characteristics of pluripotent stem cells, including the formation of tumors in immuno-compromised mice.

Second Chance at Life for Adult Stem Cell Transplant Patient
Washington, DC | 2/16/11

An update on the City of Hope’s 10,000th bone marrow adult stem cell transplant. The patient, now identified as 51-year-old William Fuller, was released from the hospital last week.

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