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Baby Teddy Lived Less Than Two Hours, But He Saved Someone’s Life Before He Died
Dublin, Ireland | 4/23/15

A newborn baby diagnosed with a life-limiting condition has become Britain’s youngest-ever organ donor.

Irish Woman Pleads Not Guilty to Killing Someone in an Assisted Suicide
Dublin, Ireland | 4/17/15

The case has opened in Ireland of a woman accused of assisting someone in taking their own life, something which is currently illegal under Irish law.

RTÉ Broadcasts Pro-Abortion Propaganda Dressed Up as “Debate”
Dublin, Ireland | 4/2/15

In response to last night’s airing by RTÉ’s of the BBC-produced documentary 'Abortion, Ireland's Guilty Secret', RTÉ has now moved from a position of failing to show balance on the issue to actively campaigning in favour of abortion.

World Down Syndrome Day Was a Reminder Most Babies With Down Syndrome are Aborted
Dublin, Ireland | 3/25/15

Ireland recently joined in the international celebration of World Down Syndrome Day with exhibitions and a fundraising appeal that asked tweeters contribute by posting a photo of themselves wearing odd socks (a “footsie”).

Tired of the Pro-Abortion Bias in the Irish Media? Do Something About It
Dublin, Ireland | 3/10/15

In the space of a fortnight recently, 33 articles appeared in Irish national newspapers pushing hard for more abortion. In the same period, only 1 pro-life article was published. Pro-life campaigners in Ireland are now expected to take this level of bias as normal. That’s just not acceptable.

Ireland’s Media Bias: Newspapers Publish 33 Pro-Abortion Articles, Just One Pro-Life
Dublin, Ireland | 2/20/15

It has become all too clear to pro-life supporters in Ireland that the media is now the main driver for a further liberalisation of abortion laws.   In the past few months, this fact has become so blatant that it simply cannot be ignored any longer.

Irish Bill Would Legalize Abortion on Babies Like This, Just Because They’re Disabled
Dublin, Ireland | 2/9/15

In a move described by pro-life campaigners as “unbelievably hypocritical”, Irish politician Clare Daly expressed her support last week for an extension of legal protection for animals, while at the same time insisting that Ireland’s abortion laws must be further liberalised.

Members of Irish Parliament Call Severely Disabled Babies “Corpses” and “Abnormal”
Dublin, Ireland | 2/6/15

The Pro Life Campaign is today criticising the language used by some politicians in the Oireachtas, when describing unborn babies with life-limiting conditions, during the debate on Deputy Clare Daly’s latest abortion bill on the issue. The Dáil will vote on the bill next Tuesday.

Clare Daly Introduces Bill to Legalise Abortions on Disabled Babies in Ireland
Dublin, Ireland | 2/5/15

The Pro Life Campaign has questioned the motivation behind Deputy Clare Daly’s latest abortion Bill in the Dáil and the insensitive way some members of the Oireachtas have described babies with life-limiting conditions.

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