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Her Newborn Son Only Lived 17 Minutes. But She Never Could Have Aborted Him
Dublin, Ireland | 5/25/17

It’s Children’s Hospice Week and in Ireland that means an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful work carried out by the many organisations that provide home care to families of seriously or terminally ill children.  All week, we have been hearing about the incredible assistance provided to these families and their children.

Dangerous Abortion Pill Touted as Safe for Women Because it Successfully Kills Unborn Babies
Dublin, Ireland | 5/17/17

A new survey reported in the British Medical Journal tries to make the dubious point that the abortion pill is safe for women to take.

Ireland Special Olympics Can Celebrate Life Because 8th Amendment Saves Disabled Babies From Abortion
Dublin, Ireland | 5/11/17

Ireland’s culture of protecting and encouraging every human being received another boost this week with the annual collection in favour of the Special Olympics.

Biased Irish Citizens’ Assembly Followed the Lead of British Abortion Businesses
Dublin, Ireland | 5/3/17

During the past few months, the abortion debate in Ireland has centred around the Citizens’ Assembly, a monthly meeting of 99 members of the public who were tasked with making recommendations to the Government on how to proceed regarding the Eighth Amendment, the last remaining constitutional protection for unborn children.

Ireland: Chaotic Citizens Assembly Votes to Repeal Pro-Life 8th Amendment With No Debate
Dublin, Ireland | 4/24/17

The Pro Life Campaign has described as “farcical and wholly unacceptable” the way the Citizens’ Assembly voted for abortion on several grounds today without any prior debate or expert advice being sought before making decisions.

Video Shows Just How Out of Control Irish Media Bias is on Abortion
Dublin, Ireland | 4/12/17

It seems to be the season for videos on social media to cause a stir in the abortion debate in Ireland.  A few days ago, LifeNews reported on a video that challenged arguments for repeal of the Eighth Amendment which has received almost 600,000 views to date on Facebook.  (The Eighth Amendment is Ireland’s last remaining constitutional protection for unborn children).

New Video Exposes Interesting Things About Pro-Abortion Forces in Ireland
Dublin, Ireland | 4/5/17

Observers of the abortion debate in Ireland have been watching a video which is showing how those who are calling for removal of Ireland’s pro-life laws don’t know very much about what the introduction of abortion to Ireland would mean.

Council of Europe Calls for Legalizing Abortion in Ireland
Dublin, Ireland | 3/29/17

Once again, the Irish people are being pressured by an external body to abandon legal protections for the unborn child.

New Bracelet Could Allow Fathers to Experience Their Unborn Babies Like Never Before
Copenhagen, Denmark | 2/21/17

Exciting developments in Denmark could mean that soon fathers get a chance to experience their unborn child’s life within the womb in a way never before envisaged.

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