William Saunders and Mary Novick, AUL Action

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Abortion Industry Still Trying to Close Down Pregnancy Care Centers
Washington, DC | 7/17/13

So much for Free Speech. The City Council of Baltimore is currently entangled in litigation as it attempts to defend an ordinance forcing Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) to speak in favor of abortion.

30 States Have No Opt-Out Laws Stopping Abortion Funding Under Obamacare
Washington, DC | 7/5/13

Every Fourth of July, we commemorate the day that our country declared independence and began her quest to become a unique nation—one where personal freedoms are honored and government intrusion is limited.    We have had victories in this pursuit, but we have also had setbacks, perhaps none as great recently as the 2010 enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Fight for Your Religious Liberty, Contact Congress to Stop the HHS Mandate
Washington, DC | 6/27/13

The second annual Fortnight for Freedom has begun.  This is the two weeks before Independence Day when we celebrate and exercise our “first freedom”—religious liberty and conscience rights.

New York Governor Pushing New Version of Radical Abortion Bill
Albany, NY | 6/19/13

Governor Cuomo keeps wrongly insisting that the abortion provision of his so-called “Women’s Equality Act” aligns with “federal law.”

War on Women: Obama’s Morning After Pill Decision Puts Girls at Risk
Washington, DC | 6/12/13

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, seemed to understand this age-old wisdom in 2011 when she ordered the FDA to deny over-the-counter availability for “emergency contraception” (EC), best known by the brand name “Plan B.”

Women Do Not Identify With Extremist Pro-Abortion Movement
Washington, DC | 6/5/13

Abortion advocacy groups refer to themselves as “women’s groups.” They claim that pro-lifers are waging a “war on women.” And the media parrots them at every turn. Under these circumstances, pro-life women can be forgiven for feeling isolated and alone. The abortion movement has worked hard to erase pro-life women’s very existence from the public discourse.

Time Running Out for Congress to Stop the HHS Abortion Mandate, Help Needed
Washington, DC | 5/28/13

Time is running out to protect the freedom of conscience guaranteed by the First Amendment. But, by acting now to urge Congress to pass the conscience protections in H.R. 940, the Health Care Conscience Rights Act—those rights can be protected.

Emergency “Contraception” Can End the Life of a Unique Human Being
Washington, DC | 5/9/13

The media has been abuzz lately with conversations about “emergency contraception.”

Shocking Photos Show Inside of Kermit Gosnell’s Abortion Clinic
Philadelphia, PA | 5/1/13

Several staff members of Americans United for Life traveled to Philadelphia on April 28th to remember the tens of thousands of children who were butchered within the blood-red brick walls of the “Women’s Medical Society”, aka Kermit Gosnell’s infamous “House of Horrors”, and to attend the closing arguments of the trial of Dr. Gosnell the following day.

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