William Saunders and Mailee Smith

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Abortion Groups Target Judge for Saying Abortion Kills a Baby
Omaha, NE | 11/7/13

It will be a sad day in our country when a judge faces disciplinary action for stating a scientific fact during a hearing—but that is exactly what abortion rights advocates want.  NARAL Pro-Choice America and RH Reality Check filed a formal complaint against Judge Peter Bataillon with the Nebraska Commission on Judicial Qualifications, in part because he stated from the bench that abortion kills a child.

Obamacare Abortion Coverage Coverup: Demand Sebelius Tell the Truth
Washington, DC | 10/30/13

Ever since the roll out of the healthcare Exchanges at the beginning of October the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been a train wreck. Not only does the website not work, but pro-life Americans are unable to identify abortion-free plans on the Exchange.

Support for Pregnancy Centers Considered a Scandal by NARAL
Washington, DC | 10/24/13

Mother Jones uncovered new “dirt” on Virginia candidate for Governor Ken Cuccinelli: he has given thousands of dollars of his own money to pregnancy resource centers. That’s right—the breaking “scandal” this week is that Ken Cuccinelli’s charitable giving includes helping local women who face tough times during pregnancy.

Obama Admin Had Attorneys During Shutdown Push HHS Abortion Mandate
Washington, DC | 10/17/13

The state of politics in the 21st century has led most Americans to expect both sides of the aisle to use the government shutdown as a political pawn.  But the Obama Administration has taken it a step farther, using the shutdown as a means to further advance its agenda of trampling the rights of conscientious business owners and entrepreneurs.

Supreme Court Showdown Looming on Battle to Stop Obamacare’s HHS Mandate
Washington, DC | 9/18/13

In a good news-bad news scenario, businesses troubled by Obamacare's anti-life provision have gotten one step closer to the high court.

Obama Nominee for Judge Says Abortion Frees Women From “Conscription Into Maternity”
Washington, DC | 9/16/13

The United States Senate Judiciary Committee will vote this week on President Obama’s nomination of Cornelia Pillard to the court that many consider the second-most powerful and important in the land, the Court of Appeals of the D.C. Circuit. Of President Obama’s judicial nominees who have exhibited hostility towards unborn children, perhaps none is as flagrant, or as out-of-touch, as Cornelia Pillard.

Iowa Webcam Abortion Ban Means Planned Parenthood Can’t Put Women in Danger
Des Moines, IA | 9/5/13

The Iowa Board of Medicine scored a victory for women’s health in the state last week, in an overwhelming 8-2 vote against the reckless prescription of abortion-inducing drugs. This potentially life-saving action came at urging of Iowa physicians who also deserve praise for their leadership in putting patient needs over profits.

RU 486 Abortions: When “Between a Woman and Her Doctor” Turns Out to be False
Washington, DC | 8/22/13

Specifically, the law is a Chemical abortion is the “cash cow” of the abortion industry. Contrary to pro-abortion claims that abortion should be between a woman and her physician, the reality is that there is little to no “physician-patient relationship” in the chemical abortion context. Women are given drugs and sent home to self-abort without any medical supervision.

Yes Wendy Davis, Women Do Understand Late-Term Abortion; Do You?
Washington, DC | 8/9/13

On Monday, Texas state Senator Wendy Davis made the now infamous statement that the reason why a majority of women support limits on late-term abortion is that they “don't really understand the landscape of what's happening in that arena today.”

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