William Saunders

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Abortionist Overdosed and Killed His Patients and Spread Venereal Diseases Among Them
Washington, DC | 5/13/14

“The medical practice by which [Gosnell] carried out this business was a filthy fraud in which he overdosed his patients with dangerous drugs, spread venereal disease among them with infected instruments, perforated their wombs and bowels – and, on at least two occasions, caused their deaths.”

Pro-Lifers Should Keep Fighting to De-Fund Abortion Businesses Like Planned Parenthood
Washington, DC | 3/14/14

Twice recently, the Supreme Court has refused to review decisions - by the 9th and 7th Circuit Courts - overturning state laws (in Arizona and Indiana) that prevented Medicaid funding from going to abortion providers.  However, this is not the end of the matter.  Citizens can still act to limit such funding through both federal and state law.

Now That Belgium Legalized Euthanasia for Termilally Ill Kids, is the United States Next?
Washington, DC | 3/6/14

Only 16 States Stop Threatening or Intimidating Women Into Abortions
Washington, DC | 2/25/14

Coercive abuse in the abortion context—that is, threatening or intimidating a woman or girl into having an abortion— poses serious risks to women’s health.  This abuse violates a woman’s rights to physical and emotional health, her freedom of conscience, and her legal right to freely choose what course to take with her pregnancy.  Sadly, the only opportunity of “help” often comes in the form of reproductive health centers.

Abortion Industry Keeps Pushing RU 486 Abortion Drug Despite Womens’ Deaths
Washington, DC | 2/21/14

Quietly and behind the scenes, the abortion industry pushes a deadly product with every increasing frequency.  While many read the headlines that an abortion industry think tank says the abortion rate has declined, chemical abortions occur more frequently every year.

Only 6 Percent of Teen Girls Who Practice Abstinence Will Ever Have Abortions
Washington, DC | 1/19/14

Family Research Council released a report this week that gave valuable insight to those who want to understand the women in our culture who are most vulnerable to abortion industry pressures and what risk factors affect them. This valuable research about the demographics of women who have had abortions reinforces what common sense would suggest - the more sexual partners a woman has, and the earlier she becomes sexually active, the more likely she is to have one or more abortions in her lifetime.

American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists (ACOG) Misleading on When Life Begins
Washington, DC | 12/12/13

It is scientifically undisputed that a new human organism begins at fertilization (or conception).  But that hasn’t stopped the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists (ACOG)—a proudly pro-abortion “medical” organization—from attempting to mislead courts into believing that life-ending drugs do not actually end the lives of tiny human beings.

Give Thanks for Pro-Life Victories on Abortion this Year
Washington, DC | 11/27/13

It’s the Thanksgiving season, and now is the time to reflect on this last year, the things that we are thankful for and the ways that we have been blessed. In addition to family, friends, and the opportunity to work in the pro-life movement, we personally are thankful for the bountiful gift of pro-life laws enacted in the states.

Planned Parenthood’s Massive Fraud: Profits. No Matter What.
Washington, DC | 11/20/13

The allegations brought by a former employee of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland paint a starkly different picture than the nation’s largest abortion chain’s “Care. No Matter What” slogan.

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