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Assisted Suicide Backers Confident They’ll Win in Massachusetts
Boston, MA | 7/27/12

Massachusetts is the latest battleground over euthanasia with an initiative on the ballot in November to adopt a statute similar to those in Oregon and Washington, which allow physicians to prescribe suicide for their patients.

Ad Claims Vote Against Planned Parenthood Funding Caused Cancer
Washington, DC | 7/11/12

Pro-abortion Montana Senator Jon Tester is in the race for his political life. He faces a tough challenge from pro-life Republican Congressman Denny Rehberg.

Pennsylvania Hospital Merger to Result in Ending Abortions
Philadelphia, PA | 7/11/12

Abington Health, a non-religiously-affiliated hospital in southeastern Pennsylvania, recently announced plans to merge with Holy Redeemer Health System, a Catholic institution.

Brad Pitt’s Mom: “Obama Supports Killing Unborn Babies”
Washington, DC | 7/6/12

Jane Pitt, the mother of actor Brad Pitt, is making waves after penning a letter to the editor for her local newspaper slamming Obama and urging fellow Christians to vote for Mitt Romney. In the letter published by the Springfield News-Leader, Pitt calls President Obama, “a liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies.” She adds, “Any Christian who does not vote or writes in a name is casting a vote for Romney’s opponent, Barack Hussein Obama.”

Steven Mosher Opens NRLC Convention With Population Focus
Washington, DC | 6/28/12

The 42nd annual National Right to Life Convention kicked off today in Crystal City, Virginia with an eye-opening presentation by Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute.

Pro-Abortion Movement Finds Ultrasound Images Threatening
Washington, DC | 6/22/12

The pro-abortion movement finds itself once again between a rock and a hard place as technology advancements shed greater light on the humanity of the unborn child.

Montana: Pro-Lifer Denny Rehberg Leads Pro-Abortion Tester
Helena, MT | 6/21/12

A new Rasmussen poll released this week shows the race for the Montana in a virtual dead heat. Pro-life Congressman Denny Rehberg (R) holds a two-point lead over pro-abortion incumbent Senator Jon Tester (D).

“Vagina” Politics: Perpetuating the War on Women Myth
Lansing, MI | 6/19/12

In a display of sheer desperation, abortion advocates are attempting to divert attention away from the actual content of Michigan’s pro-life omnibus bill.

Pro-Abortion Activist Sandra Fluke Endorses Obama
Washington, DC | 6/14/12

Pro-abortion activist Sandra Fluke has unveiled her personal endorsement of President Obama in an editorial published by CNN. Her support for Obama stems primarily from his pro-abortion healthcare law and the HHS mandate.

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