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First U.S. Teen With Down Syndrome Reaches Mt. Everest Base Camp
Washington, DC | 4/2/13

A courageous young man from Oregon made history with the first recorded account of an American teenager with Down syndrome to reach a base camp of Mt. Everest. After nearly two weeks of walking, 15-year old Eli Reimer reached 17,600 feet. Eli’s father, Justin, joined his son for the ascent in an effort to raise funds for their family’s charity, The Elisha Foundation.

NARAL Dinner Promotes Abortion, Abortion and More Abortion
Washington, DC | 2/6/13

On Tuesday, NARAL Pro-Choice America held its annual dinner celebrating the Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized abortion. After leading the organization for eight years, Nancy Keenan turned the reins of the organization over to liberal activist Ilyse Hogue who will serve as its new president.

Media: Jenna Bush is Having a Blob of… No, a Baby
Washington, DC | 12/12/12

Jenna Bush Hager, daughter of former President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush, announced on the Today Show she and husband Henry are expecting a baby.

Pro-Life Youth Academy Training the Next Generation of Leaders
Washington, DC | 12/10/12

As we look back on 40 years since the tragic Roe v. Wade decision, the pro-life movement can be proud of 40 years of diligent, dedicated service to the cause of restoring legal protection to our society’s most innocent and vulnerable. We have made considerable progress but there is more work to be done. We have great hope in the future as young pro-life leaders step up to guide the movement through its next chapter.

Tens of Thousands Protest Obama HHS-Abortion Mandate
Washington, DC | 10/21/12

Across the nation, thousands of pro-life Americans gathered on Saturday to protest President Obama’s HHS mandate, which compels institutions to provide health insurance plans that cover certain drugs or procedures, even if it violates the groups’ religious and moral convictions. The “Stand Up For Religious Freedom” rallies held on Saturday carried with them a sense of urgency with the November election less than 20 days away. While the event was not held to rally for particular candidates, an overarching theme was action. Pro-life Americans cannot in good conscience sit this election out.

Ohio Pro-Life Voters Should Support Josh Mandel Over Sherrod Brown
Columbus, OH | 10/18/12

In the first debate in the Ohio Senate race, Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown and Republican Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel laid out two very different visions for America and for the unborn. Responding to a question on abortion, Mandel answered, “I am pro-life, I believe in protecting life.” Brown reiterated his pro-abortion position. The contrast between the two men could not be starker.

Media and Polls are Wrong: We Can Defeat Barack Obama
Washington, DC | 9/21/12

The mainstream media is working overtime to ensure pro-abortion President Barack Obama is reelected. What they’d like us to believe is that momentum is on Obama’s side and the Romney campaign is floundering.

Obama Backs Infanticide, Lies About Abortion, Isn’t He Extreme?
Washington, DC | 8/27/12

The Obama campaign and its allies in the mainstream media have launched an all-out assault on Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s pro-life stances, repeating ad nauseam that they believe them to be “extreme” and out of touch with the American public.

Two Men HIV-Free After New Adult Stem Cell Breakthrough
Washington, DC | 7/30/12

Adult stem cells are responsible for another incredible scientific breakthrough.

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