Judge Blocks President Trump’s Pro-Life Rule Defunding Planned Parenthood Abortion Business
Washington, DC | 2/18/20

A federal judge has blocked a pro-life rule instituted by President Donald Trump protecting Americans from having to fund the Planned Parenthood

Born Crying After Late-Term Abortion, Disabled Baby Boy Dies an Hour Later in His Mother’s Arms
London, England | 2/18/20

A grieving mother has relived the harrowing moment she went into hospital for an abortion but instead gave birth to a live, crying, baby boy

Whoopi Goldberg: I Can’t Get Mad at Democrats’ Sexism Until Trump Apologizes
Washington, DC | 2/18/20

Two of the hosts of The View have now admitted that they don’t care what comes out against 2020 Democrats as long as they can beat Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz Slams Pro-Abortion Legislator’s Bill Forcing Men to Get Vasectomies
Montgomery, Alabama | 2/18/20

An Alabama state lawmaker's bill that would force men to be sterilized is getting understandably strong reactions from men all across the country,

WATCH: Woman Entering Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Brags “I’m Going to Kill the Baby”
Altamonte Springs, Florida | 2/18/20

A woman caught on video entering a Florida Planned Parenthood last week told a sidewalk counselor that she was going inside “to kill my baby.”

Trump Cut Planned Parenthood’s Funding, Now It Wants More States to Give It Your Tax Dollars
Washington, DC | 2/18/20

Some state taxpayers could be forced to give money to Planned Parenthood after President Donald Trump defunded it through the Title X program

Facebook Censors Interview With Woman Who Miraculously Survived an Abortion
Washington, DC | 2/18/20

Reports of online censorship targeting pro-lifers continue to grow.

Black Pro-Life Leader: Protecting Babies From Abortions is “Today’s Civil Rights Issue”
Washington, DC | 2/18/20

African-American pro-life leaders decry what they call the eugenics mentality of abortion providers perpetuating the high abortion rate among

Oklahoma Senate Committee Passes Bill to Ban Abortions When Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins
Oklahoma City, OK | 2/18/20

An Oklahoma bill to protect unborn babies from abortion once their heartbeats are detectable passed a state Senate committee Monday.

Canada May Allow Doctors to Euthanize Mentally Ill Patients
Ottawa, Canada | 2/18/20

The Provincial and Federal governments in Canada need to amend their euthanasia laws quickly. They have to meet a March 2020 deadline set by

Massachusetts Bill Legalizing Assisted Suicide May Also Permit Euthanasia
Boston, Massachusetts | 2/18/20

It is important to examine the language of assisted suicide bills. The promoters of assisted suicide will often claim that a bill does one thing,

Pete Buttigieg Celebrates Woman Killing Her Baby in an Abortion. Her Story “Lifts Us Up”
Washington, DC | 2/17/20

Mayor Pete celebrated the death of an unborn baby Sunday with abortion activists in Nevada.

Mike Bloomberg Told Pregnant Employee to Get Rid of Her Baby in an Abortion: Just “Kill It”
Washington, DC | 2/17/20

Democratic presidential candidate and billionaire businessman, Michael Bloomberg told his pregnant employee to “kill it” after she disclosed