Planned Parenthood Killed 392,715 Babies in Abortions Last Year, a Record Number

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 16, 2024   |   5:36PM   |   Washington, DC

It was another record year for the abortion giant Planned Parenthood – killing more babies in abortions than ever before. Although Planned Parenthood bills itself as a woman’s health organization, in reality, it is little more than an abortion business.

Planned Parenthood just published its annual report, its own figures from the previous year. And when it comes to abortions, the new report shows the abortion business killed 392,715 babies in abortions killed in the last year. That’s a 5% increase from the 2021-2022 figures.

That’s over 1,075 babies killed in abortions every single day of the year or 44 dead babies every single hour. That’s in insane figure for a company that giant claims its main focus is merely women’s health care.

It’s a horrific number that is almost difficult to comprehend and far surpasses any genocide in human history.

The figure is also higher than its previous annual report, where it indicated it killed 374,155 babies in abortions. In 2019 the abortion giant killed 354,871 babies in abortions, showing that Planned Parenthood continues to kill more and more babies even as it does less and less legitimate health care.

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With the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute estimating 930,160 abortions, this means Planned Parenthood kills 42% of all babies killed in abortions in the United States.

A leading pro-life group called Stop Planned Parenthood (STOPP) commented on other parts of the new annual report in an email to LifeNews:

In its 2022-2023 annual report, Planned Parenthood asserts that it goes “above and beyond.” Yet a close reading of the annual report reveals that Planned Parenthood appears to go above and beyond the law.

As STOPP has warned previously, Planned Parenthood brags about pursuing abortion near or across state lines. Planned Parenthood asserts that its lawyers are attempting to change laws in its favor through litigation and that the organization uses its nearly $3 billion in assets for influencing political activity.

This report should be the centerpiece of criminal investigations into misconduct by Planned Parenthood and its board. You cannot mix, mingle, and misuse nonprofit money for improper purposes, and Planned Parenthood continues to do so to the tune of nearly $1 billion in donations and another $700 million in taxpayer money.

Abortions are up, with 392,715 babies killed in the last year. Meanwhile, the average American’s annual income is down. We can barely afford necessities, and what is our government’s answer? Funnel $700 million to the elite baby killers. STOPP’s latest CEO report showed that nearly $20 million of this income is dedicated solely to lining the pockets of its own affiliate CEOs.

In 2023, the baby killing machine sky rocketed donations to just under 1 billion dollars of donations, and another 700 million in our own tax dollars. The smoke and mirrors coming from PP still cling to their 4% number, while murdering a record 392,715 babies in 2023. They killed more people than the populations of New Orleans, or Tampa, or Cleveland and hundreds of other US cities.

The abortion giant is also now in the hormone selling business, exploiting children to push deadly and improper drugs on them.