Joe Biden is the Extremist Because He Supports Abortions Up to Birth

National   |   Kristi Hamrick   |   Sep 6, 2023   |   7:10PM   |   Washington, DC

Students for Life Action (SFLAction) President Kristan Hawkins will release the newest illustration of the unconscionable abortion extremism of the Biden administration in a TV and digital campaign headed to six states and counting. “Any honest pollster will tell you that people don’t want all the taxpayer funded abortion that the Biden Administration is selling. In our first ad of this 2024 political cycle, Students for Life Action shows just how out of step President Biden is with the rest of the country. Abortion is truly on the ballot in the coming election.”

The TV and digital spot will initially run in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. It will be found on a number of youth-oriented sites, from Newsy, Cheddar TV, and Buzzfeed to Fox and HGTV. The ad running now will likely be aired in other locations during the political season.

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“Educating voters on the radical abortion records of out-of-step candidates has been SFLAction’s theme in our last two TV spots. It was a pleasure and privilege to have played a part in handing Terry McAuliffe and Tim Ryan well-deserved one-way tickets out of their races,” said Hawkins. “But no abortion record is as radical as Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and their activist administration. The anti-baby bias of the Biden Administration has led to record high profits for Planned Parenthood.

She continued: “Biden has supported taxpayer funded abortion through all nine months, opposed medical care for infants born during botched abortions, worked to force medical professionals to engage in abortions against their beliefs, and pushed abortion support into healthcare, education, foreign aid, miliary spending, and even the postal service. Radical abortion activism has even tainted the space program, as the Biden Administration works to move Space Command away from a pro-life state. At this rate, Biden won’t be satisfied until we send Chemical Abortion Pills to the moon just in case they discover life on other planets.”