Jim Caviezel Will Lead Pro-Life Prayer Rally

State   |   Emily Glover   |   Aug 4, 2023   |   9:56AM   |   Columbus, Ohio

Jim Caviezel, star of the new hit movie “Sound of Freedom,” will lead a prayer rally in Cincinnati, Ohio this Sunday, August 6.

“The Prayer Rally hopes to encourage ALL Christians in Ohio to VOTE ‘YES’ on Issue 1,” Catholics for Catholics stated. If the amendment passes, it “will protect Ohio’s Constitution and save children from abortion up to birth and genital mutilation without parental consent.”

On August 8, Ohioans will vote in a special election on Issue 1. If enacted, the measure would raise the threshold for constitutional amendments to a 60% majority vote instead of the simple majority (50%-plus-one) that the state currently requires.

Issue 1 is urgently needed because “the Ohio Constitution is too easy to amend,” wrote CatholicVote Field Director Tommy Valentine. “It allows well-funded outside groups to dump tens of millions of dollars into deceptive advertising to get an amendment passed.”

The August 8 vote should matter even to Americans who do not live in Ohio, according to Catholics for Catholics: “If Ohio falls, your state is next. Whichever way Ohio votes, so will the country. As a country, we need to win this battle in Ohio.”

Other well-known figures are also scheduled to speak at Sunday’s rally, including Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life advocate, and Ltg. Michael Flynn, senior advisor of Catholics for Catholics.

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Many pro-life organizations from across Ohio have come together to sponsor the event.  Catholics for Catholics, one of the event’s hosts, describes itself as a “group of Catholics who love God and our Country.”

Catholics for Catholics promotes “educational resources about Catholic doctrine, including materials addressing Catholic leaders’ positions on public policy, legislation, and other social welfare matters.” The group was heavily involved in the prayer rally outside the Dodgers stadium on June 16.

Readers interested in attending Sunday’s rally can find more information here.

Ohio residents and others concerned about the outcome of the August 8 Issue 1 vote can find more information about it here at CatholicVote, which is rallying voters to vote “Yes” on Issue 1.

LifeNews Note: Emily Glover writes for CatholicVote, where this column originally appeared.