Biden Spokesman: It’s Our “Sacred Obligation” to Promote Killing Babies in Abortions

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 17, 2023   |   7:16PM   |   Washington, DC

Ancient cultures used to practice child sacrifice as an official religion to appease their false idols.

The Biden administration isn’t too far removed, as Joe Biden spokesman today said it was a “sacred obligation” to promote abortions and force Americans to fund abortion tourism with their tax dollars.

“Whether it’s about female service members, one in five, or female family members being able to count on the kinds of health care and reproductive care specifically that they need to serve,” White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said on Monday during the White House briefing, “that is a foundational sacred obligation of military leaders across the river.”

Paying for abortion travel wasn’t any obligation for the history of the military until the Biden administration. Yet Kirby thinks that not funding abortions – a policy the Pentagon has had since its founding — would somehow lead to fewer people joining the military.

“So if you don’t think there’s going to be a retention and morale issue, think again because it’s already having that effect,” he claimed.

He thinks if women are stationed in pro-life states they won’t want to serve.

“And so what happens if you get assigned to a state like Alabama, which has a pretty restrictive abortion law in place, and you’re concerned about your reproductive care?’ he asked. “What do you do? Do you say no and get out? Well, some people may decide to do that. And what does that mean? ‘That means we lose talent, important talent. And we’re an all-volunteer force. Recruiting is tough enough as it is with a very strong economy out there. We want to keep the people that we get and we want to we want to make sure that they can continue to serve.”

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Ultimately, Kirby thinks killing babies in abortions is a good thing.

“It’s just the right darn thing to do for people that raise their hand and agree to serve in the military,” he said.

In a new interview over the weekend, Senator Tom Cotton said Americans should not be forced to fund abortions with their tax dollars. More specifically, he said the American military should not be funding abortion tourism.

On “Fox News Sunday,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) called on President Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to reconsider the Pentagon’s abortion program, where it uses tax dollars to pay for members of the military to travel to other states to have their babies killed in abortions.

Cotton also defended pro-life Senator Tommy Tuberville, who has put military nominations on hold in the Senate in an attempt to get Biden and the Pentagon to back down. Democrats have complained that somehow this is hurting the military, but Cotton says they’re to blame.

“[T]he Secretary of Defense and the President thinks that this is a readiness issue, and they want to find the responsible party, they should look in the mirror,” Cotton said.

He continued: “They’re the ones who are violating the law and using taxpayer funds to pay for abortion tourism. Just let me give an example of how extreme this policy is. A young airman at Little Rock Air Force Base could walk in and demand three weeks of uncharged paid leave and get travel and meals and lodging paid for to go get an elective abortion. Another airman could walk in and say my mother and my father just unexpectedly died. Can I have leave to go to their funeral? They would be charged leave that comes out of their annual allotment, and they will get no expenses paid. I think most Americans agree that that is an insane policy. Again, the arm — the military should not be paying for abortion tourism.”

Cotton also said Tuberville and pro-life lawmakers are not backing down.

“[I] mean, does Senator Tuberville have enough pressure on him that he rethinks where he’s at?” host Shannon Bream asked.

“Well, again, if Lloyd Austin and Joe Biden think this is a threat to our national security, the simplest thing to do would be to revert to the same practices we had had for decades,” Cotton replied. “The same practice that we had last year after the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade and resend this unlawful policy on abortion tourism.”

Cotton’s comments come a couple days after the House passed the defense funding bill that ends Joe Biden’s potentially illegal policy that forces Americans to fund abortion travel for members of the military.

House Republicans successfully added an amendment to a defense spending bill to block the policy. Today the $886 billion National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2024 passed by a bipartisan vote of 219-210, with four Republicans voting no and four Democrats voting yes. Three Republicans and two Democrats didn’t vote.

The national defense bill now goes to the Senate, where Democrats strongly oppose the pro-life provision. Whether the Senate passes the bill, tries to amend out the pro-life provision or approves its own version remains to be seen.

Unpopular and likely illegal, the Biden policy requires taxpayers to fund travel costs and paid time off for military service members and their families to abort their unborn babies in elective abortions. As a result, Republican leaders estimate 4,100 more unborn babies could be killed in abortions every year.

In response, House Republicans succeeded in passing the Jackson-Roy amendment to the NDAA.

The House voted 221-213 and 222-210 in favor of amendments to the NDAA to ban the Pentagon from paying for expenses related to killing unborn babies and from funding gender transition procedures

“My amendment to stop Biden from using the DOD to pay for abortion travel passed This policy is illegal, and soon, it will be gone. This is a great day for our country,” said pro-life Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson after the vote.

Jackson said Thursday that the pro-life amendment “will halt the Biden administration’s illegal and immoral abortion policy” for members of the armed forces and their families.

“Taxpayer funding of travel for an abortion is in fact taxpayer-funded abortion, and this administration has been enacting policies across the government in clear violation of the law,” Jackson said. “The Biden administration has sidestepped existing statute and given the [Defense] Department permission to take this illegal course of action. This has left House Republicans with no choice but to take corrective measures and pass additional legislation.”

Leading pro-life groups also celebrated the vote which comes at a time when pro-life Senator Tommy Tuberville is blocking military nominees in an effort to get the polic canceled.

“We praise House GOP leadership for their work in preventing taxpayer funds from illegally being used to pay for or reimburse expenses related to abortion travel,” said Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life. “The Biden Administration has shown repeatedly that it thinks taxpayers are a never-ending source of funds for its abortion agenda.”

Continued Tobias, “The Jackson Amendment in the NDAA prevents the Biden Administration from circumventing established law.”

Federal law (10 U.S.C. § 1093) has long prevented the Department of Defense (DOD) from using funds to perform elective abortions and prevented the DOD from using its facilities to provide abortions. On October 20, 2022, the Biden Administration’s DOD published a memorandum directing the DOD to pay the travel and transportation costs for military members and dependents who travel to obtain elective abortions.

The federal prohibition against DOD funding of elective abortion clearly extends to funding for any item related to abortion, such as travel and transportation, which has been the case for the entire life of the funding prohibition.

The Jackson Amendment:

  • Clarifies and explains federal law (10 U.S.C. § 1093) that prevents DOD funding from being used to perform elective abortions and prohibits DOD facilities from being used to provide abortions.
  • Repeals the October 20, 2022 memorandum.
  • Amends federal law to clarify that the DOD may not pay for the licensure of healthcare professionals in a state if the purpose is to provide abortions.

“Today the House took a powerful step toward reining in Biden’s illegal policy of taxpayer-funded abortion travel at the Department of Defense,” said SBA Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “Representatives Jackson and Roy have courageously led the charge to force the administration to follow the four decades old law against taxpayer funding for abortion at the DOD. Now the House must send the Jackson-Roy amendment in the NDAA to the Senate, and then on to the president’s desk. We also applaud Speaker McCarthy, Leader Scalise, Chairman Rogers and Subcommittee Chairman Banks for their work to curtail this administration’s funding for brutal, painful abortions.”

Polls consistently show strong public opposition to taxpayer-funded abortionsA new Marist poll found 60 percent of Americans oppose using tax dollars to fund abortions in the U.S. Additionally, 78 percent oppose using tax dollars to fund abortions in other countries.

Bans on taxpayer funding for elective abortions used to have strong bipartisan support in Congress. Only recently did Democrat leaders abandon the American people on the issue and begin supporting taxpayer funding for elective abortions – a goal of the abortion industry, which spends huge amounts of money on elections.