Her Unborn Baby Boy Was Decapitated During Birth, But Doctor Wasn’t Held Accountable

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 24, 2023   |   7:01PM   |   London, England

Abortion laws harm all unborn babies, not just those who are aborted.

Because the laws deny the fact that unborn babies are valuable persons, parents of stillborns and unborn babies harmed in non-abortion related acts often cannot obtain justice.

Such is the case with Scottish mother Laura Gallazzi whose unborn son was decapitated as he was being born in 2014 due to a medical mistake, according to the BBC.

Baby Steven never breathed outside the womb, so he was not considered a person under the law. Therefore, his family has little recourse of justice. His mother is working to change that.

“I don’t live anymore, I exist,” Gallazzi told the BBC. “And I exist to make sure nothing like this could happen again, or if something similar does happen, no mum or dad ever has to sit across from a stranger and be told, ‘I’m really sorry but your child is not a person.’”

Gallazzi said she wants the law to grant legal rights to unborn babies once they reach 24 weeks, the legal limit for elective abortions in Scotland. The law technically prohibits most abortions after 24 weeks, but it includes wide exceptions that allow unborn babies to be aborted for health reasons, including major or minor disabilities.

Intended or unintended, the effects of the law are that no baby has rights, including Gallazzi’s son Steven, until they are born alive.

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“The justice system doesn’t get to turn their back on my son because he didn’t take a breath because of his injuries, because he was decapitated,” she told the BBC. “I see it as a very stupid reason.”

Back in March 2014, Gallazzi said she went into premature labor at 25 weeks of pregnancy. Steven was in the breech position, and the doctor, who was finishing up a 24-hour shift, made a mistake in proceeding with normal delivery, a medical tribunal later found. As a result, Steven was decapitated and deemed stillborn, according to the report.

The doctor was investigated, but a medical tribunal eventually determined that she could return to work. Additionally, local authorities said there was no legal case against the doctor because Steven was stillborn and therefore not a person yet under the law, the report continues.

Here’s more from the report:

Ms Gallazzi said that no one was held accountable for the death of her child as he lacked the rights that other people have.

She added: “But yet I had to have a funeral and I’ve got a death certificate. And the cause of death on his death certificate is traumatic delivery.”

Ms Gallazzi said a hospital pathologist told her that her child could have survived if he had been delivered by a caesarean section.

Still grieving for her son and his horrific death, Gallazzi said she has made it her mission to make sure other parents receive justice for their unborn babies – even though she did not.

“It doesn’t fix things for me, but it would make me breath a wee bit easier,” she said. “There’s no rhyme and reason for what happened, but something should be done.”