Thousands of Canadians Join Canada March for Life to Protest Abortion

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 12, 2023   |   9:01AM   |   Washington, DC

Thousands of Canadians joined the Canada March for Life this week to protest abortion in a radically pro-abortion nation with no laws — which essentially allows abortions up to birth.

Under the banner for Stand Firm, thousands of pro-lifers gathered on Parliament Hill for prayer, music and speeches before participating in the pro-life march to make their views known to members of the Canadian Parliament.

A former abortionist led the pre-march rally and told the thousands gathered for the March for Life that they need to remember the battle is bigger than the political one to protect babies from abortions.

“We march forward,” American guest speaker Haywood Robinson exhorted the crowd just before it spilled out the Wellington Street gates in front of Parliament’s centre block. “You’re standing right now but we’ve got to move forward into the Promised Land.”

Wearing a burgundy T-shirt bearing the message “abortion kills trees – family trees,” Robinson urged the marchers to remember they are fighting “a spiritual battle” not just for a political or social cause.

The 40-year veteran medical doctor said he learned first-hand the real nature of that battle when he made a living for the early years of his career as an abortionist. An encounter with and then commitment to Christ revealed to him that the entire abortion industry is founded on a series of lies, for example that women are better off psychologically aborting “unwanted” pregnancies and that abortion is a simple, pain free procedure. In fact, he said, the only easy thing about the industry is abortion providers earn money from it. With his Black church speaking style, Robinson raised cheers from the crowd by telling them to have no doubt Christ will bring ultimate victory.

“Jesus is leading this battle and you can’t lose with the stuff He use,” he said.

As the thousands of pro-life advocates marched down the street, they chanted: “I’m a child, not a choice; represent me, be my voice.”

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Many of the pro-life marchers urged their MPs to support a bill to make it a crime to kill an unborn child when a pregnant mother is killed or assaulted.

Conservatives have argued this bill, which would increase the seriousness of an assault if the victim is pregnant, is about public safety, not abortion, accusing the Liberals of desperately trying to stir controversy to deflect from their own problems.

“When the Liberals are doing something wrong, when they’re in a corner, when the polls are down, we see them try to distract and bring up this age-old conversation,” said Conservative MP Michelle Ferreri. “We are not going to reopen this (debate), this is about public safety.”

Jack Fonseca, spokesperson for the Campaign Life Coalition,applauded the bill because it would “help to increase respect for human life by drawing attention to the fact that there’s an extra injustice when a pregnant woman is violently attacked because there’s a baby in her womb that is also being attacked at the same time.”

Here’s more on the march:

“We need to protect all human beings from conception to natural death. We are all made in the likeness and image of God and we all deserve protection,” said Debbie Duval, national capital organizer for the Campaign Life Coalition (CLC).

“We need to abolish euthanasia and abortion in Canada now. And this is how we’re going to do that: … by showing up to events, by speaking the truth out in love to your neighbors, to your friends, to your communities, and to gatherings like this.”

Julia Bissonnette, a member of the youth organizing committee for CLC, told The Epoch Times that ever since Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau decriminalized abortion in 1969, Canada has had no abortion laws. This means abortions can be performed at any gestational age, including near the end of pregnancy.