They Told This Teen Mom to Have an Abortion So She Could “Go Out and Party.” But She Refused

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 12, 2023   |   5:09PM   |   London, England

Teenage mom Breanna Barrs slammed critics recently for urging her to abort her children so she could “go out and party.”

Barrs, who is popular on the social media site TikTok, said she has no regrets about choosing life for her two young children, and her life has been a “beautiful journey” thus far, The Sun reports.

Barrs raises two young children and shares videos about her family on social media. She said she became pregnant for the first time at age 16, and some people urged her to have an abortion.

“If you don’t abort, you won’t get to go out and party like everyone else,” one person told her.

The young mother ignored the comments and chose life for her daughter

“Although circumstances in my life have not been ideal, I have always made the best out of them,” she said in a recent video. “And if I want anyone to get anything from my account, I want you guys to understand that you can always make the best out of your situations.”

Barrs said she never would encourage a young, unmarried teenager to get pregnant, because she knows how difficult it is.

“But I can recognize that these things might not work out well for others and still be happy about my life,” she said.

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The young mother said she will not apologize for trying to take a positive outlook on life, and parenting her two young children has been a “beautiful journey.”

“I am often told that I need to stop romanticizing my own life – to which I say, no thanks. I will forever continue to love my life,” she said. “And I’m certainly not going to sit here and be miserable because someone online expected me to. I mean, that’s ridiculous.”

Barrs reminded her critics that “nobody’s life is glamorous” and everyone goes through struggles, but trying to make the best of one’s circumstances is a good thing.

She concluded by telling her critics, “It’s time for you to stop expecting other people to be miserable with their lives just because you are with yours.”

Other teen mothers have shared similar stories about choosing life for their unborn babies, some deciding to parent and others to make an adoption plan. In each case, these young mothers recognized that, no matter how difficult their circumstances, their unborn babies’ lives were valuable and worth protecting.