Mom Rejects Abortion After Watching Pro-Life Video Online

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 1, 2023   |   5:08PM   |   Ottawa, Canada

“The Procedure,” a powerful short film about an ultrasound technician who quit after watching an abortion, recently helped a struggling pregnant mother choose life for her unborn baby.

The Canadian pro-life organization Choice42 shared the news Sunday in an email after the mother thanked them for exposing the truth about abortion.

“Last week, a woman messaged us on social media after viewing our short film, THE PROCEDURE,” the pro-life organization shared. “She said that she is pregnant and in her second trimester, and that everyone in her life is pressuring her to abort.”

In Canada, abortions are legal for any reason up to birth and taxpayer funded. Many U.S. states still allow second-trimester abortions, too. Although abortion often is promoted as a woman’s “choice,” studies show women frequently are pressured or forced to abort their unborn babies.

In the woman’s case, Choice42 said their short film helped the pregnant mother understand exactly what her family and friends were trying to convince her to do.

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Based on a true story, the 4-minute animated film follows an ultrasound technician as he unknowingly helps with a second-trimester abortion. The technician watches an unborn baby struggle for her life while the abortionist pulls her apart limb by limb and removes her body in pieces from the womb – a brutal but common second-trimester abortion method sometimes referred to as a dismemberment abortion, or D&E.

The man quit his job afterward, but, according to Choice42, he still feels haunted by the baby’s violent death more than 20 years later. Actor Kevin Sorbo (“Hercules,” “God’s Not Dead”) served as the voice-over talent for the short film.

For at least one mother, the story saved her baby’s life.

“After watching the film, she said that she has made a firm decision to let her baby live,” Choice 42 shared. “She said that before she watched, she had no idea what a second trimester abortion was like, and that now that she knows, she cannot do that to her child.”

The pro-life organization thanked everyone who has watched and shared their video, because it is saving lives.

“Though it isn’t easy to watch, it shows the truth about abortion, and can really make a difference to someone who is considering having their baby murdered in this way,” Choice 42 wrote.

More than 102,000 people have watched “The Procedure” on YouTube since last October. A Spanish language version also is available.

Choice42 is known for producing poignant short videos about abortion, sometimes funny and sometimes disturbing. Its goal is to educate the public and “encourage people to boldly speak out about the human rights violation of our time, even though it is considered politically incorrect to do so.”

LifeNews Note: Photo is of another baby recently saved from abortion because of pro-life info online.