Late-Term Abortionist LeRoy Carhart Dies After Killing Babies in Abortions for Decades

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 28, 2023   |   4:09PM   |   Washington, DC

Infamous late-term abortionists LeRoy Carhart has passed away.

Carhart owned and operated abortion businesses that have been killing babies in abortions, and late-term abortions for decades. He is responsible for killing women in botched abortions and injuring countless more.

Carhart is perhaps best known for trying and failing to overturn the federal partial-birth abortion ban that Congress passed and President George W. Bush signed into law.

Carhart was at the heart of two abortion cases that reached the Supreme Court: Stenberg v. Carhart, in which the Supreme Court overturned a Nebraska ban on partial-birth abortions, and Gonzales v. Carhart, in which the Supreme Court upheld the federal ban on partial-birth abortions.

In 1999, Nebraska banned a barbaric and gruesome abortion procedure accurately called “Partial-Birth Abortion.” This abortion method required delivering a baby alive, but only partially, so that some of the baby’s body was still inside the mother, and then killing the baby – generally by “puncturing of the back of the child’s skull and removing the baby’s brains.” Nebraska was not the first, or only, state to ban partial-birth abortion. In fact, 31 states had also passed restrictions on the ghastly method.

But, Carhart, who practices late-term abortions, including partial-birth abortions, challenged Nebraska’s ban, and ultimately prevailed in Stenberg v. Carhart. The case was decided in 2000, and the Supreme Court declared Nebraska’s ban unconstitutional, rendering it and other state bans on partial-birth abortions across the United States unenforceable.


Just a few years later, however, Congress passed, and President George W. Bush signed into law, the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003. The purpose of the act was to create a federal ban on the procedure, and to effectively undo the Supreme Court’s ruling in Stenberg v. Carhart. Naturally, abortionist Carhart challenged the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act – but this time, he lost. The result was the Supreme Court’s 2007 decision to uphold the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban in Gonzales v. Carhart.

After the ruling, Carhart fled Nebraska for Germantown, Maryland (and subsequently Bethesda, Maryland) which has infinitely less protective laws and set up his grisly trade in which he aborted unborn babies up to and well beyond 28 weeks.

The Nebraska-based abortionist was more recently expanding his late-term abortion practice from Maryland and Nebraska to Pueblo, Colorado. Just weeks after the Dobbs decision was released, abortionist Carhart set up a GoFundMe page asking for $500,000 to help expand his abortion practice to Colorado – where abortion is legal throughout all stages of pregnancy – because he fears that Nebraska may ban his grisly trade.

Lee Carhart, the grandson of infamous third trimester abortionist, is now operating that Colorado aboriton business.

His Clinics for Abortions and Reproductive Excellence (CARE) facility will initially perform only “medication abortions” (at $700) but Carhart said “the clinic also plans to eventually offer surgical abortion services up to 24 weeks of pregnancy,” according to Anna Lynn Winfrey.

Carhart was under investigation by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, according to a confirmation letter.

The complaint was filed against Carhart and his C.A.R.E. abortion facility in Bellevue, Nebraska, after a 35-year-old woman suffered massive abortion-related injuries on February 25, 2022.  Operation Rescue obtained 911 records from the incident that revealed symptoms consistent with internal hemorrhaging. One witness, who later came forward, said the injured woman coded at the hospital, where surgeons worked for several hours to save her life.

The pro-life complainant, whose identity has been withheld at her request, sought an investigation into patient care violations.  Included in the complaint was documentation from Operation Rescue of 27 life-threatening medical emergencies involving Carhart abortion patients in Nebraska and Maryland, between March 2012 and February 2022.

Those cases are Haimamot Aragaw v. Carhart, Do, et al, Federal Court Case number 8:21-CV-01739-TDC, and Ashley P. Norris v. Carhart, Swallow, et al, Maryland District Court Case Number C-15-CV-21-000205.

The complaint also referenced two ongoing medical malpractice suits related to women who received injuries so horrific at Carhart’s Maryland facility in 2020 that the hospital staff that treated them was offered trauma counseling, according to an informant familiar with the incidents.

Carhart has also been involved in the abortion-related deaths of two women. Christin Gilbert, who had Down syndrome, was just 19 when she died from complications to a 29-week abortion in 2005 at a now defunct abortion facility in Wichita, Kansas. Jennifer Morbelli died of complications to a 33-week abortion she received at a facility Carhart was working at in Germantown, Maryland, in 2013.