Whoopi Goldberg: “Damn All of You” Pro-Life People Saving Babies From Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 21, 2023   |   9:48AM   |   Washington, DC

Leftist actress Whoopi Goldberg cursed pro-life advocates Thursday on “The View” in response to Florida passing a heartbeat law to protect unborn babies from abortion.

The U.S. Sun reports Goldberg and co-host Joy Behar started the conversation by bashing Gov. Ron DeSantis for signing the life-saving law and ended it by “damn[ing] all” pro-lifers who think it should be illegal to kill unborn babies in elective abortions.

Behar began by claiming DeSantis, a pro-life Republican, signed the law “very quietly and very sneakily” April 14 — which is false. DeSantis held a signing ceremony, which was advertised in advance, with dozens of pro-life advocates, mothers and babies.

The Florida heartbeat law potentially could save tens of thousands of unborn babies from abortion every year. It bans most elective abortions once an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable, about six weeks of pregnancy, and increases aid to programs that help pregnant and parenting families.

However, Goldberg and Behar claimed the law really is just about controlling women.

“We don’t like people telling us what to do with our bodies,” Behar said.

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Goldberg responded, “Well, part of the problem is, if you don’t know how a woman’s body works, don’t make decisions for her.”

She continued by claiming lawmakers should leave decisions about abortions up to doctors and women. Then, without explaining why, Goldberg admitted that having an abortion is “not an easy choice for women.” She also admitted many women spend the rest of their lives suffering as a result of that “choice.”

“Women don’t go… it’s not like, ‘Oh party time, I’m going to get an abortion,’” Goldberg said. “It doesn’t work that way. People carry the weight of having had an abortion for years. It is not an easy choice to make.”

Then, she cursed pro-life advocates, ending her rant with: “And damn all of you who think this is something that people do for fun! You read that stuff in magazines, it’s not real!”

Goldberg did not explain why the “choice” to have an abortion is difficult and painful, or why, if it is a choice she thinks women should be allowed to make without restrictions, there’s anything wrong with a woman having an abortion for fun.

The answer is one that the celebrity does not want to admit because it would force her to acknowledge the horrible truth. Abortions violently destroy the lives of unique, irreplaceable living human beings – women’s own children. And data shows approximately 96 percent of abortions are for elective reasons.

Legislation like Florida’s new heartbeat law protects precious, valuable children before they are born and supports mothers in need so they do not feel like they have to abort their unborn babies to thrive. Such laws deserve praise, not curses, from celebrities.