New Footage Shows Leftist Firebombing Pregnancy Center, “This is What the FBI Didn’t Want You to See”

National   |   Tabitha Goodling   |   Apr 20, 2023   |   6:19PM   |   Washington, DC

The second pregnancy help organization to be firebombed by abortion extremists in response to the Supreme Court Dobbs decision has prevailed after six months of litigation, and video of Jane’s Revenge terrorists setting fire to the pregnancy medical clinic with Molotov cocktails has finally been made public in full.

Rev. Jim Harden, CEO with CompassCare Pregnancy Services in Buffalo, New York, released the video via Twitter last Friday. In doing so Harden addressed the still present threat against pregnancy help centers, how law enforcement is dragging its feet in the matter, and the fact that pregnancy help will continue regardless of the attacks.

“The following surveillance video is what the FBI and local police do not want you to see,” Harden said.

The CompassCare firebombing occurred at 2:30 a.m. June 7, 2022, and since the attack, the center has been fighting for access to the security video from the night of the incident.

However, local police repeatedly stonewalled and referred CompassCare to the FBI, said Harden.

“The video feed is CompassCare’s private property which was withheld from CompassCare’s attorneys and private investigators by local police and FBI,” Harden said. “After six months of litigation against the Amherst Police Department – 305 days after the attack – CompassCare won the lawsuit, and the Amherst police relinquished the surveillance of the crime.”

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Harden explained in his video message that the pro-abortion firebomb attack by Jane’s Revenge occurred on Mother’s Day last year, May 8, at a pro-life organization in Madison, Wisc. Jane’s Revenge took ownership of the attack and threatened to continue attacking centers if all pregnancy centers in the U.S. did not close in 30 days.

The Buffalo-area CompassCare location was the second target of such an attack 30 days later.

Harden said the radical left group’s response to a potential Roe V. Wade overturning was “not a loose grassroots protest, but a highly organized and calculated international, antifa-style hit job, using Molotov cocktails growing into a blaze that would injure two firefighters.”

And the Amherst police “repeatedly declined multiple requests” from him to view the video, deferring to the FBI, Harden said.

“Since then, over 300 attacks on pro-life entities have occurred with zero convictions,” he said.

Both U.S. House and Senate Judiciary Committees are investigating the Department of Justice and FBI’s refusal to investigate and prosecute violent crimes against pregnancy centers, Harden pointed out.

“Ridiculously,” Harden further noted, “while under oath, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland told the Senate Judiciary the lack of arrests and convictions is because the crimes perpetrated against organizations like CompassCare are being committed at night in the dark.”

Without access to the video, it was nearly impossible for CompassCare’s legal team to carry out a civil suit without identification of the perpetrators causing the terrorist activity.

CompassCare filed a lawsuit on September 19 against the Amherst Police Department in the Supreme Court of New York demanding return of its video.

A hearing was held October 26 in which Judge Edward Pace of the New York State Supreme Court of Erie County ruled the denial of the video to CompassCare “was not the final order.”

In November, the FBI in Buffalo released images from the video to the public and offered a $25,000 reward for information on the arsonists.

But by the time the new year began, no one had been arrested in the case – though within months CompassCare’s Buffalo center would be attacked again with vandalism.

In January CompassCare hired its own private investigator to work on tracking down the abortion zealots who committed the attack.

March 3 the Amherst Police Department put forth settlement terms to CompassCare by offering to give the video back to the center.

But the police once again deferred to the FBI for terms of release, Harden said in his video. Part of the deal included not releasing the video to the public for two whole years.

It was less than two weeks later on March 16 that vandals struck CompassCare again.

CompassCare declined the Amherst Police Department’s offer, and the two parties came to an agreement.

The video was released back into the hands of Compass Care on April 6.

Harden reminded the Twitter audience the threat risk for pregnancy centers is increasing, but that it is a reminder of the need to “return to the truth of what it means to be human under God.”

“When a woman faces unplanned pregnancy, she considers abortion because she feels trapped,” Harden said, “like she has no choice, like she needs to have an abortion.”

“CompassCare and other pro-life pregnancy centers erase the need for abortion by providing women with ethical medical care and comprehensive community support – for free,” he said.

“Pro-abortion antifa want women to have no choice but abortion,” said Harden.

With Christ as example, pro-life Christians will continue to bear witness to the inherent worth of all people, without qualification, Harden said, “even when threatened and attacked for doing so.”

Harden pressed viewers to urge their senators, congressmen, and state attorneys general to fulfill their oath to enforce the law equally and indict pro-abortion radicals for crimes targeting law-abiding pro-life citizens.

LifeNews Note: Tabitha Goodling has been writing for media outlets for more than 20 years in her home state of Pennsylvania. She has served as a client services director at her local pregnancy center since 2018. She and her husband are raising four teenage daughters, which include a set of triplets. This column originally appeared at Pregnancy Help News.