Elon Musk: Abortion and Birth Control are Decimating Population Worldwide

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 19, 2023   |   10:38AM   |   Washington, DC

Billionaire Elon Musk warned of an impending global population crisis again Tuesday as he linked declining birth rates to abortion and birth control.

Speaking with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Musk said modern civilization will “crumble” if the trend does not reverse soon, according to Business Insider.

“If we don’t make enough people to at least sustain our numbers, perhaps increase a little bit, then civilization’s gonna crumble,” said Musk, who has nine children.

Bucking against the opinions of other famous billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett who believe the world is growing overpopulated, the Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter businessman has been warning for years that depopulation is the real problem.

Musk told Carlson that the human instinct to procreate has been “subverted,” and humanity has not dealt well with the relatively new and wide availability of birth control and elective abortions.

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Carlson asked: “I mean, the urge to have sex and to procreate is – after breathing and eating – the most basic urge. How has it been subverted?”

“Well, it’s just, in the past we could rely upon, you know, simple limbic system rewards in order to procreate. But once you have birth control and abortions and whatnot, now you can still satisfy limbic instinct but not procreate,” Musk responded.

Birth rates have been declining across the world, including in many Asian and European countries where the number of births is below replacement level. As a result, the population is expected to shrink in the coming years – leading to fewer workers and fewer young adults to care for the elderly.

Predicting societal disaster if too few children are born, Musk said: “Does this the old question of, like, will civilization end with a bang or a whimper? Well, it’s currently trying to end with a whimper in adult diapers, which is depressing as hell.”

Rich and powerful voices have been stoking fears about overpopulation for more than a century, but, as Musk said in a 2021 interview, these fears have been widely overblown – sometimes with disastrous results.

For example, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, two of the richest men in the world, donate massive amounts of money to pro-abortion groups that push abortion on families across the world. Worldometer estimates 42 million unborn babies are aborted world-wide every year.

However, the past several years have brought more voices like Musk’s warning of the threat of depopulation. A 2020 study in “The Lancet,” a prestigious medical journal, predicted the global fertility rate will drop drastically through 2100 – with devastating consequences on the whole of society.

According to the study, 183 of 195 countries are expected to have a fertility rate below replacement level by the end of the century.

“While population decline is potentially good news for reducing carbon emissions and stress on food systems, with more old people and fewer young people, economic challenges will arise as societies struggle to grow with fewer workers and taxpayers, and countries’ abilities to generate the wealth needed to fund social support and health care for the elderly are reduced,” said Professor Stein Emil Vollset, the lead author of the study.

Even Pope Francis recently warned the world that countries with legalized abortion and low birth rates are “impoverishing their futures” by not having children.

“Having a child is always a risk, either naturally or by adoption,” the pope said last May. “But it is riskier not to have them. It is riskier to deny fatherhood or to deny motherhood, be it real or spiritual.

Meanwhile, news reports expose how older Chinese adults are worried about having no one to care for them in their old age.

This week, GB News in England published a piece warning of the potentially disastrous effects of Britain’s declining birth rate, which fell 12 percent just in the past decade. Demographics expert Dr. Paul Morland told the news outlet that the baby shortage already is having a huge impact as employers struggle with labor shortages.

“I think the culture needs to change. I think there’s a lot in the culture that is pointing away from fertility, and that is what will really make a difference,” Morland said.