Woman Who Lost Her Unborn Baby: “Stop Calling My Miscarriage an Abortion”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 29, 2023   |   10:03AM   |   Washington, DC

A heartbroken mother who recently lost her unborn baby in a miscarriage demanded that abortion activists stop referring to the natural death of her child as an “abortion.”

Writing at The Federalist this week, Klara Muster said she has “had enough” of the misleading propaganda that twists the definitions of miscarriage and abortion to conflate the killing of an unborn baby with one dying naturally.

She did not choose for her unborn baby to die, and to treat the two as the same is “incredibly insulting,” Muster said.

What’s more, “the insinuation that our child was no more than mere medical waste left resentment and wounds,” she said.

The special projects manager for And Then There Were None, a pro-life ministry that helps abortion workers leave the industry, Muster said she felt compelled to share about her miscarriage after watching the corporate media attack former “19 Kids and Counting” star Jessa Duggar Seewald’s pro-life views when she also suffered a miscarriage.

“I lost my baby to miscarriage four months ago and, like Jessa, needed a D&C to safeguard my health. Corporate and social media, as well as people I’ve talked with, insist I had an abortion, which makes me feel livid and broken-hearted,” Muster wrote.

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She continued: “Last fall, my husband and I found out we were expecting after more than nine months of trying. Our child was loved, prayed for, and longed for. The moment we saw our baby on the screen at six-and-a-half weeks was one of the happiest of our lives.”

The couple began making plans to welcome their child and felt excited about telling their family the news at Thanksgiving. However, during her 10-week ultrasound appointment in December, she said they felt crushed when they learned that their baby had died.

“I went to the hospital for an additional ultrasound to confirm our nightmare, praying and sobbing through it all. The doctor confirmed our baby wasn’t coming home in July,” Muster wrote.

After a week, she said she still had not passed her baby’s body, so she had a dilation and curettage (D&C) procedure, which doctors use for both miscarriages and abortions.

In Duggar Seewald’s case, abortion activists accused her of hypocrisy after having the procedure because she supports banning abortions. They erroneously claimed pro-life laws ban the procedure when really abortion bans just prohibit the killing of unborn babies. Pro-life laws allow procedures and medicines to treat mothers suffering the natural loss of their unborn children to miscarriage.

Part of the confusion arises from the medical terminology as compared to common speech. In medicine, a miscarriage is referred to as “spontaneous abortion,” while killing an unborn baby is an “induced abortion,” according to the American Association of Pro-Life OB-GYNs.

Doctors and medical authorities know there is a difference. The Centers for Disease Control also recognizes a clear distinction between the two in its annual abortion report. The government data only counts induced abortions, or the elective killings of unborn babies in abortions.

However, abortion activists are using the word “abortion” to mean both to create more confusion and make it seem as though pro-life advocates oppose medical care, which is not true.

“D&Cs of a dead child are in no way the same as the violent realities of abortion that purposefully end the life of a child on the altar of convenience and ‘choice,’” Muster said.

She said she is just as adamantly opposed to women being abandoned to die without life-saving medical care as she is to killing unborn babies in abortions. But unlike miscarriage treatments, killing unborn babies in abortions is not health care. Instead, Muster said abortions are “ugly and disgusting” acts that subject women and unborn babies to violence.

Muster, Seewald and millions of other mothers have “had miscarriages — and to call them anything other than that is the weaponization of the semantics of abortion for political purposes. It is frankly disgusting,” she concluded.