Abortion Activists Doing Dangerous Back Alley Abortions in Vans They Call “Mobile Abortion Clinics”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 29, 2023   |   1:04PM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion activists complain about dangerous back alley abortions – but then turn around and perform them themselves when states pass laws to protect unborn babies from abortion.

Rather than switch to investing time and resources into helping pregnant mothers and their babies, they put both lives in greater jeopardy by selling illegal abortions instead.

A new report from Reuters provides details about plans by abortion activists to provide illegal abortions in states where the life-destroying practice is now banned. These include a new Planned Parenthood “mobile clinic” set up in a van and abortion ships that sail off the coast on international waters to skirt state pro-life laws.

“The mobile clinic is our act of defiance,” Bonyen Lee-Gilmore of Planned Parenthood told Reuters.

Lee-Gilmore bragged that their new abortion van is an “innovative” way to provide abortions to pregnant mothers in pro-life states. Although the billion-dollar abortion chain has not begun using the van yet, it plans to do so soon along the border of Illinois and Missouri, which protects unborn babies by banning elective abortions.

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According to the report, the abortion van will sell abortion pills first, but eventually Planned Parenthood hopes to perform surgical abortions in the van, too. The abortion chain did not mention anything about monitoring women afterward or providing follow-up care when the van leaves its current stop and women go back to their home states.

Other pro-abortion groups have plans to use RVs and ships to abort unborn babies.

Here’s more from the report:

As well as kitting out vans and recreational vehicles as clinics on wheels, some [abortion groups] are considering setting up pop-up clinics in empty retail premises or in ships moored offshore. In the Rocky Mountains, a nonprofit called Just The Pill has a pilot traveling clinic offering medication abortions in Colorado, which is bordered by six states with severely restrictive laws.

Two more mobile clinics are equipped for surgical abortions and will be ready to offer the procedure when security issues are worked out, said Julie Amaon, medical director of Just The Pill. “Making sure we have that safe place to park the clinic has really been a challenge,” she said.

Two pro-abortion doctors in California, Meg Autry and Adam Boddington, also are working on creating an abortion ship to sail off the coast of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, according to the report. Once the project gets going, Autry said they hope to do up to 40 abortions every day on the ship.

The pro-abortion Women on Waves in the Netherlands has been doing the same thing for years, sailing a boat to pro-life countries to provide illegal abortions off the coast in international waters where they are immune from the laws.

Although abortion activists claim to be helping women, they really are just pushing elective and dangerous procedures on desperate families who need support. Women do not need abortions and many do not truly want them, but circumstances, including lack of relational support and financial struggles, often make them feel like abortion is their only option.

Meanwhile, pro-life advocates across the country are expanding support for pregnant and parenting families, both through legislative and community-based initiatives.

Many are working to expand Medicaid for new mothers, create tax credits for unborn babies and ensure workplace accommodations (paid parental leave, flexible hours) for parents. Others are opening and expanding pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes and other community-based charities that walk alongside struggling families locally, providing material support, information, counseling, encouragement and more.

Currently, 14 states protect unborn babies by banning or strictly limiting abortions, and more are expected to do so this year.