Students Brave the Snow to Pray at Abortion Clinic, 9 Babies are Saved From Abortions

State   |   Shawn Carney   |   Mar 28, 2023   |   8:50AM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion industry sympathizers in the mainstream media predicted the pro-life movement would disappear after the fall of Roe v. Wade.


They could not have been more wrong, as grassroots pro-lifers from coast to coast have hit the streets with renewed vigor during the largest spring 40 Days for Life campaign in history. And they continue to get younger!

Washington, D.C., 40 Days for Life leader Dr. Michael New recently hosted a thrilling prayer rally in the nation’s capital, featuring Mark Houck as well as four Catholic University of America students. One of them, Felipe, shared a powerful testimony of how he pursued litigation to get his pro-life group recognized in high school. Felipe and his friends would make great candidates for 40 Days for Life’s 4040 Scholarship.

The $4,040 scholarship–provided by a donor who wants to honor young people saving lives on campus–is awarded each year at the Walk for Life West Coast to a college student saving lives on campus. To apply, visit:

Full-time students attending U.S.-based colleges or universities and active in the pro-life movement are eligible to apply. Young people are more pro-life than corporate media are willing to admit… and they’re proving it at 40 Days for Life vigils around the world!

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Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Grand Rapids team is having such a stellar campaign that members don’t even know how many babies their prayers have saved this Lent…

…but Laura, the local leader, knows the number is at least NINE!

That can happen when pro-lifers make sacrifices out of love for God and neighbor.

“This group of students came with their homemade signs and their smiles to pray at the peaceful vigil,” Laura said. “Neither the snow nor the cold could deter them from standing for life.”

Marietta, Georgia

Riley from Kennesaw State University hasn’t just been participating in Marietta’s 40 Days for Life vigil; she’s been actively inviting new vigil participants.

“Emma was brand-new today because sweet Riley recruited her,” said Suzanne, the campaign co-leader. “Riley’s darling boyfriend came too. They are both students. These two do so much for life and are so on fire for Jesus!