George Soros, Nancy Pelosi Spend Millions Pushing Pro-Abortion Radical Janet Protasiewicz

State   |   Mary Lou Masters   |   Mar 28, 2023   |   6:32PM   |   Madison, Wisconsin

Top-Democratic leaders are funneling millions of dollars into the Democratic Party of Wisconsin ahead of the state’s “nonpartisan” Supreme Court race, according to finance reports released Monday.

Both George Soros and Democratic Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker funded the party with $1 million each, and Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California donated $12,000, according to finance reports for this period, Feb. 7 to March 20. The liberal candidate, Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewicz, received roughly $8.7 million from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin in funds.

“Janet Protasiewicz’ campaign is being bankrolled by far-left Democrats responsible for soft-on-crime policies, liberal prosecutors, and catch and release DAs nationwide,” Rachel Reisner, a Wisconsin GOP spokesperson, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “George Soros and J.B. Pritzker’s million-dollar contributions underscore that Protasiewicz will simply be a progressive rubber stamp, and they’ll drop whatever cash needed to buy her a Wisconsin Supreme Court seat because her pro-criminal record aligns with their agenda, one that has wreaked havoc on Democrat-run cities throughout America.”

Protasiewicz received just over $8 million in monetary donations and more than $700,000 in non-monetary funds from the state’s Democratic Party, the finance reports show.

Despite the massive influx of liberal billionaire money flowing into Janet’s campaign, the spending in the general election is a LOT closer than people realize.

Protasiewicz is also endorsed by Hillary Clinton, EMILY’s List and Planned Parenthood largely due to her pro-abortion stance, as well as former Attorney General for President Barack Obama Eric Holder.

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“Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Eric Holder – Janet Protasiewicz is DC liberals’ flavor of the week because they know she would be the most openly partisan judicial activist Wisconsin has ever seen and put her thumb on the scales to score political points instead of ruling according to the Constitution,” Ben Voelkel, campaign advisor for conservative candidate Justice Dan Kelly, told the DCNF.

For this period, Protasiewicz’ campaign, Janet for Justice, received a total of $12.4 million in funds and Kelly’s campaign, Friends of Justice Daniel Kelly, garnered just $2.2 million, their respective records show.

“While Janet Protasiewicz relies on out of state megadonors and state party bosses to fund her campaign, Justice Kelly is proud to have the support of grassroots activists across the state of Wisconsin,” Ben Voelkel, Kelly’s campaign advisor, told the DCNF.

The Wisconsin Republican Party gave Kelly, a former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, just under $500,000 in funds, with $457,867 in-kind donations and only $33,657 in monetary donations, according to finance reports for this period.

The vacant seat Protasiewicz and Kelly are vying for will determine the balance of the Court, as conservative Justice Patience Roggensack’s retirement left the 4 – 3 conservative majority vulnerable. This race will indicate how Wisconsin will vote on cases involving abortion, crime and other contentious topics.

“The stakes in this race couldn’t be higher. Basically the past 25 years of conservative reform are on the line if Janet Protasiewicz is elected to the court,” Reisner previously told the DCNF.

Early voting for the seat began March 21 and ends April 2, and election day is one week away on April 4.

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