New Abortion Clinic Sets a Goal of Killing 75 Babies Every Week

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 23, 2023   |   5:28PM   |   Albuquerque, New Mexico

Many women do not want to abort their unborn babies. They turn to abortion facilities in desperation because they lack financial and emotional support.

So when abortion facilities set abortion quotas, it’s clear they are not really in the business of helping women or promoting “choice.”

Whole Woman’s Health, an abortion chain that began in Texas, recently announced a “goal” of 75 abortions per week for its new Albuquerque, New Mexico facility, according to the Pinion Post.

The abortion chain was forced to close its four facilities in Texas last year after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and states began protecting unborn babies from abortion again. This week, it opened a new facility on Lomas Boulevard, near the Albuquerque airport, to continue aborting unborn babies.

The life-destroying facility portrayed New Mexico as a “refuge” for pregnant women in a news release this week because the state allows unborn babies to be aborted for any reason up to birth. But the real “refuge” is for the billion-dollar abortion industry, not women or their unborn babies.

According to Axios, “Whole Woman’s Health chose Albuquerque because it’s in a ‘safe state’ and is easy to fly into.” Actually, it moved to the city after pro-life residents in eastern New Mexico thwarted its plans to open near the Texas border by passing Sanctuary City for the Unborn ordinances. Albuquerque already has several abortion facilities, and Whole Woman’s Health will just be one more.

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Right now, New Mexico abortion facilities are seeing an influx of pregnant women from pro-life states.

Whole Woman’s Health said it already has 21 pregnant mothers from Texas and three from Louisiana scheduled for abortions, according to the Pinion Post. The Houston Chronicle reports the facility said it plans to see 19 abortion patients just within the next several days, and all but one are from Texas.

Right now, the new abortion facility aborts unborn babies up to 18 weeks, but plans to expand to abortions up to 24 weeks “in the near future,” the report states.

“Today marks the next chapter of our organization,” said Marva Sadler, senior director of clinical services for the abortion chain, in a statement. “In these times when abortion rights, health, and justice are under attack, our Albuquerque clinic will serve as a safe haven for abortion care.”

But the abortion facility is not serving women; it’s selling abortions, which unnecessarily kill unborn babies and often harm mothers physically and/or psychologically.

In many cases, pregnant mothers go to abortion facilities because they are afraid and unsupported. Often, they are struggling financially and do not realize that there are resources to help them and their babies.

Recently, a short documentary from Sidewalk Advocates for Life found that abortion funds are putting additional pressure on pregnant mothers to go through with abortions by giving them money to travel or pay for the abortion – money that would be better spent actually supporting families in need.

Pro-life organizations are the ones providing real support through pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes, financial aid and more. When presented with this support, pro-life advocates find that many mothers do choose life for their babies.