Abortions are Not Safe, They Just Kill Babies and Hurt Women

Opinion   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   Mar 22, 2023   |   12:32PM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion headlines on steroids are plastered nationwide as a federal judge in Texas prepares to decide if Chemical Abortion Pills were recklessly introduced in the U.S. market leading to a reprisal of Chicken Little’s famous cry, “The sky is falling” because a dangerous abortion pill may not be available.

For women who want to survive an abortion without injury, infertility, death, or exposure to abusers, this is good news. The rush job for approval led by former President Bill Clinton, ignored potential problems, resulting from a strange focus by our federal government – a fixation on corporate interests and not on the consumer or patient.

A quick sale of RU-486, chemical abortion pills, sent to a pregnant mother who must handle all the repercussions alone, does a lot for Corporate Abortion. They’re able to cut costs for personnel, testing, follow-up care, and fetal disposal. But what about the woman?

When it comes to safe, legal and rare abortion, why did “safe” get dropped?

In the case filed by Alliance Defending Freedom on behalf of pro-life, pro-women doctors, attorney Eric Baptist argued, “The FDA never had the authority to approve these drugs and remove important safeguards, despite the substantial evidence of the harms women and girls who undergo this dangerous drug regimen could suffer.”

Chemical Abortion Pills, RU-486, are a two-drug protocol that together work to end life. First, the drug on the chopping block, mifepristone, blocks pregnancy-supporting hormones, while a second round of pills, misoprostol, starts contractions. NIH published studies show “a higher incidence of adverse events” for those using the pills than getting surgical abortions, with a four-times-higher risk of injury and a risk of death that “appears to be 10 times greater.”

And that’s if you’re doing it “right.”

The FDA once had health-and-safety standards in place to prevent known risks such as death or infection when the pills are taken later in pregnancy or when a woman is experiencing an ectopic pregnancy, one that is not in the womb. A routine ultrasound is used to screen those out, but no more, thanks to the No Test, Online Distribution championed by the Biden administration.

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At one point, a routine check for Rh-negative status also protected a mother’s future fertility as 15% of Americans have that blood type and can form deadly antibodies that can attack a future pregnancy resulting in numerous miscarriages. A simple injection of Rh immunoglobulin quickly given after birth, miscarriage, or abortion can prevent that, but again, such care has been dropped from Chemical Abortion requirements.

In-person distribution of the drugs made it possible to determine if a woman was being coerced or was a victim of sex trafficking, but now RU-486 can be shipped straight to her abusers.

Even if you support abortion, that’s not an argument for No Test, Online distribution.

In court, Baptist also noted that the studies people often rely on for claims the drugs are safe included the health and safety standards no longer in place. That makes the data useless, like “examining oranges and declaring apples to be safe.”

Turns out, even left-leaning Gen Z, Gen Y, and Millennial registered voters want to survive their exposure to Chemical Abortion Pills. Students for Life America’s YouGov poll out earlier this year found that by margins of more than nine in 10, they opposed the FDA policies that stripped away ultrasound and blood-type screening that protected them.

The man of the hour, Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, had questions of his own, wondering why the same kind of provisions used to fast-track cancer or HIV treatments were applied to the abortion pills.

Pregnancy is not a disease “cured” by abortion, and chemical abortion pills are not the only means of abortion. An abortionist’s desire to sell something isn’t reason enough to skip vital steps.

In fact, far from being some life-saving drug now under unexpected “attack,” mifepristone was the brainchild of a man who wanted to end pregnancy on a mass scale and got the money from a pharmaceutical company literally linked to the Nazis, as the New York Times reported recently.

This isn’t a benign cough syrup used off label. This isn’t health care.

In a citizen petition recently filed by Students for Life, we argue that the shoddy approval process also ignored potential harms to the environment. Writing in Newsweek, two legislators fighting for Red Bag Medical Waste disposal joined me in detailing the pending crisis impacting clean water for all as chemically tainted blood, tissue and human remains are flushed away.

We noted: “When Clinton’s team brought the deadly pills onto the market, it accepted a 1996 report from the abortion-supporting Population Council, which claimed almost no environmental harm would result from their use. But no one ever checked.”

Another Clinton holdover applies here, as it’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” on just how bad things are. Without a National Abortion Reporting law, the United States does not have reliable data on abortion outcomes. It’s an honor system, with some states like California reporting no data at all. A billion-dollar business tells us Chemical Abortion Pills are “safe.” We are supposed to believe them.

Stopping the reckless distribution of chemical abortion pills to ask hard questions about how women may be harmed and what’s in the water is the right thing to do.