Mom Says Adopting 6 Kids is the “Greatest Joy in My Life”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 21, 2023   |   5:53PM   |   Washington, DC

Minnesota mother Jennifer Osvold poured out her thanks to six pregnant mothers who chose life for their unborn babies – children whom she and her husband later adopted because they could not have biological children.

In an opinion piece at Fox News, Osvold thanked her children’s birth mothers for having the “strength and compassion to choose life” even though it was difficult. These courageous mothers also helped to fulfill her own dreams of being a mother, she said.

“The greatest joy in my life has been standing by my husband as we raise six smart, caring and energetic kids,” she wrote. “While none of them carry our blood, they carry our last name and all the love that comes with it.”

Osvold continued, “Because of the strength of women like my children’s birth mothers, I am able to stand in my kitchen and see the world through my children’s eyes.”

The couple’s first adoption went smoothly, and Osvold remembered sitting in awe as she rocked their oldest son in her arms for the first time.

“I sat in that moment thinking about how special it was, and my heart ached for my son’s birth family, who may never get to experience all that he was,” she said. “It was then that I decided to have an open adoption. I wanted the brave woman who chose life for this little boy to experience the joy of his smile and the magic that emanated from his laugh.”

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Open adoptions take many forms but typically involve some level of contact with the child’s biological family, maybe regular visits or phone calls, or sometimes just occasional letters and photos.

After their first, positive adoption, the Osvolds suffered a heartbreak when their plans to welcome a second baby boy into their home fell through.

Grieved and afraid of another failed adoption, the couple eventually decided to share their hopes with the St. Gianna and Pietro Mola Maternity Home, a pro-life ministry. There, a pregnant mother learned about their situation and “felt a strong connection” to the Osvolds.

“[She] was unsure if she would be able to provide the best possible future for her child,” Osvold said. “When she heard of our family, and the recent loss we had experienced, she felt a strong connection and knew that the growing baby inside of her was meant to be a part of our home.”

Her daughter Everlee became theirs, and the baby girl helped the family to realize that they wanted to continue to adopt. Today, the Osvolds have six adopted children, all of whom remain connected to their birth families in some way, their mother said.

“Now, my husband and I get to stand on the sidelines of football games or track meets, or sit in the bleachers at hockey games cheering on our kids, many times with their birth families cheering alongside of us,” Osvold wrote. “Our kids are being raised with more love and support than I ever thought possible.”