Pro-Abortion Students Face Felony Charges for Attacking Pro-Life Display

State   |   Mark Harrington   |   Mar 14, 2023   |   1:18AM   |   Tallahassee, Florida

Two pro-abortion students were arrested by the University of Florida’s Police Department (UFPD) and now face felony charges for attacking Created Equal’s anti-abortion display at the University of Florida and resisting law enforcement.

“It is no surprise that those who advocate for the killing of preborn humans resort to violence towards those with whom they disagree. Created Equal condemns abortion-related violence and will continue to promote equality for all humans – both born and preborn. We are grateful no staff members were injured in this incident. We also appreciate the efforts of the university and its law enforcement officers to protect the peaceful exercise of our First Amendment rights. ”   

– Mark Harrington, President and Founder, Created Equal


Summary of Events:

  1. Created Equal set up its anti-abortion display at two locations on the University of Florida’s campus yesterday. Our team was set up on the Plaza of the Americas and Turlington Plaza from 10 AM until 1 PM.
  2. At approximately 11:15 AM, Ian Dinkla, a student at UF, age 21, stole one of Created Equal’s signs at the Plaza of the Americas while displaying an open knife. Dinkla proceeded to load the stolen property into his car. An admin with the university attempted to stop him and Dinkla swung at her before driving away.
  3. Meanwhile, at Turlington Plaza, about 15-20 protestors gathered to protest Created Equal’s display. Pro-abortion advocate, Bryn Taylor, age 26, president of the UF Graduates Assistant United union, began threatening a minor who was volunteering with Created Equal. “I hope you die in a hole. You’re gonna. . .” she said as she made a slicing motion with her finger across her throat. We notified admin and they began monitoring the situation.
  4. Around 11:40 AM Ian Dinkla arrived at Turlington Plaza and began joking about stealing our property. He said, “I have enough money for petty theft.” After visually confirming his identity, we called police to the scene and they arrested him.
  5. Dinkla forcibly resisted arrest. As police tackled him to the ground, student Bryn Taylor forcibly interfered with the arrest by attempting to pull an officer off of Dinkla. In the process, she allegedly hit the officer in the head with her bullhorn.
  6. Both students are now facing felony charges. Dinkla is charged with robbery by sudden snatching and resisting an officer with violence. Taylor has been charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer (Detective J. Tarafa), resisting an officer with violence, and also resisting an officer without violence (a misdemeanor).

Created Equal is a national anti-abortion organization that focuses on training individuals and groups to be pre-born defenders by showing as many people as possible what abortion does to preborn babies.