Michigan Senate Votes to Implement Abortions Up to Birth

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 8, 2023   |   6:05PM   |   Lansing, Michigan

The Michigan Senate passed radical pro-abortion legislation Wednesday that repeals the only limits on abortions on viable, late-term unborn babies.

In a 20-18 party-line vote, Senate Democrats passed a bill to repeal the 1931 state abortion ban, according to Bridge Michigan.

Most parts of the 1931 law have not been in effect for more than 50 years, primarily because of Roe v. Wade, but other parts are including a ban on aborting viable, late-term unborn babies. If the bill or a similar version that passed the state House last week becomes law, pro-life leaders say Michigan would no longer have any limits on abortion.

“Today’s reckless vote takes us down an increasingly dangerous path, and Michiganders are watching,” said Barbara Listing, president of Right to Life of Michigan. “This sweeping removal of common-sense health and safety protections that have been in place for decades further demonstrates the radical pro-abortion stance to which the majority of our elected officials have come to subscribe. This position puts viable human life and women’s health second to an increasingly radical agenda that knows no boundaries.”

Democrats in the state House and Senate still have to decide which version to approve, but Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a pro-abortion Democrat, is expected to sign either one.

After the vote, state Sen. Joseph Bellino, R-Monroe, said abortion activists lied to Michiganders when they urged support for Proposal 3, a pro-abortion amendment to the state constitution.

“When people voted on Proposal 3 last year, they were told that it wouldn’t affect commonsense protections for women – but these measures would do exactly that,” Bellino said. “While Senate Republicans have introduced legislation to strengthen safeguards for women, Senate Democrats are rushing dangerous bills to repeal long-standing protections for women and the unborn.”

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Other Republican lawmakers slammed the bill as “repugnant and shocking” on the Senate floor, calling it “yet another attempt to normalize and marginalize the tragic death of an unborn child,” according to Bridge Michigan.

Listing thanked the senators who fought to protect unborn babies, saying, “To those legislators who voted against the majority today, instead standing for common-sense protections for women and unborn children, advocates for life from across our state extend their heartfelt appreciation.”

State Attorney General Dana Nessel sent the opposite message in a statement after the vote, claiming the bill represents “a victory for millions of Michigan residents who, like myself, value bodily integrity and personal freedom.”

“The people of this state can rest assured that their elected officials will not sit idly by in the wake of Roe v. Wade being overturned, and will fight to ensure that residents’ health, safety, and wellbeing is safeguarded from harmful legislation,” Nessel said.

Last fall, the pro-abortion movement, heavily funded by out-of-state billionaires, misled and lobbied voters to pass a state constitutional amendment that declares abortion to be a “fundamental right.” Donors included an executive from the former cryptocurrency company FTX, which now face numerous charges for fraud, conspiracy and unlawful political donations.

After the amendment passed, pro-life advocates warned that other abortion regulations, including parental consent for minors and the ban on late-term abortions, also could be repealed.

Currently, aborting unborn babies is legal in Michigan for any reason up to viability, and about 30,000 are aborted every year. In recent years, more people are dying in Michigan than are being born, according to a recent report from MLive journalist Taylor DesOrmeau.